Since becoming a new mama in June 2011, Aurelie has learned the following things: She can and will love something even more than her first baby, a Labradoodle named Linus; Years of medical education did not prepare her one iota for birthing, the post-partum period, or parenting; The connections she has made with other moms are priceless and absolutely essential to survival in new mom land.

Aurelie is awed and humbled by the extreme ups and downs of life as a new mom. In her pre-baby life, she had considered herself to have a fairly impressive list of “best things ever done.” Tops on that list were being a collegiate swimmer, completing an Ironman triathlon while in medical school, practicing medicine in rural Africa, and working as a family doctor for underserved patients in a community health center. Yet, growing, birthing, sustaining, and rearing a human has proven to top that list.

In addition to her roles as mama and doctor, Aurelie attempts to find time to continue her other passions: writing, swimming, baking, knitting, sleeping, and of course, quality time with her husband and dog.

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