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Mama Seuss…a love note

When I was away at college, my Mom would send me cards and emails with poems and love notes. I saved them all. She is an amazing writer. She loves to randomly call me and share her newest idea for a children’s book. She could be a great kids book author. I ran across this email saved in my archives and I just had to share. My Mom has battled depression for the last 15 years and a lot of my recent memories are not so great. We are still close, but these writings are something I will treasure for long after she’s gone. Makes me think of ways I can leave little permanent memories for my kids to remember me by. This email was so typical for her. She’d combine part love note with part silly rhyming poem. I had a really hard time at college. The smile she would bring to my face when I’d read a letter from her helped me face a lot of tough times. A mother’s love is truly amazing.


There is such love in the world we hear.
but the best love is that one I have so near,
because it is the love I have for you,
and it makes me giggle, honeydew.
For you are the fruit that makes my life sweet.
I love your face, your hands, and your feet.
I have a taste for your music, more and more.
One thing you are not, and that is a bore.
This is very silly for the mid-afternoon,
It just may arrive very inopportune. . .
But…I washed the dessert spoon for the racoon,
And he said the swoon tune was for the baboon,
and he didn’t live here anymore.
So it’s back to the computer to write and write.
I’ll write until the end of the night.
But it wont be right until the sight of my light goes out for the night.
Then I can go to bed.
Did you hear that Oop got the croup?
I gave him some goop so he wouldn’t whoop,
And he sat on the stoop in a loop with his age-group.
Whoops, alley-oop, I cannot recoup.
I’d better go  regroup before I droop.
This is not funny when I pause for so long.
It comes out better faster even when it’s wrong.
Go back to your song. Pick up the prong.
I’ve sworn off those petroleum ding-dongs.
The puny Zuni went looney at the sight of the moon.
I’ll quit typing this silly verse for this afternoon.

The Boat in the coat came by the house again today.
He left a note that he wrote to you.
He parked at the dock, set his tick-tock clock, and came inside to straighten my house.
He wanted to know where my mother was,
I asked him why and he said because.
I hated thing one and thing two and I told him so.
He said if I didn’t like him that he would go.
I said good but eat before you leave.
He had something else up his sleeve.
But you wont know until you ask me for part two of this.
For I’d never have fun that you would miss.
but I did have fun with the boat in the coat.
It was a very warm coat.
There he goes, with a very large wake.
Now all I have to do is bake the cake.
It’s for tomorrow afternoon you see.
For on that day he brings the monkey.
It’s a great thing he does, going from dock to dock.
He’s checking that everyone home alone has a clock.
But he eats well, that boat in a coat.
And he leaves a wake instead of a note.

OUch. I think I could take over for Dr. Seuss very easily.
The computer will fit in very nicely  if I use it a little bit.
The keyboard wont have babies unless it’s a motherboard.
Then they’ll be called babie-boards.
This needs work I know, but the idea is rare and I took the dare.
Well, I send this now so you get it. I could write on it all night.
Dont forget that galloping crow who hopped out to the lump in the road to eat.

How are you. don’t give up don’t ever give up.
You are the light of the world.
A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.
You shine. Shine on, baby.

This is so cool, I will surely keep writing seusslike . . .bye.

  1. I love you Mom. She is so cute. This is perfect and a wonderful memory to have and a legacy to leave the kiddos for sure!

    • I know huh? She is cute. And it saddens me that no one may ever read her writings. That’s kinda why I wanted to share this.
      Also, she needs to realize how much these notes did for me. In turn, as Moms ourselves now, we should remember the value of stuff like this for our kids as they grow up.

  2. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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