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A love song for Beaba

Fact: I have the coolest shit.


My friend Beth is the best aunt to Hazel. Elizabeth Cutler is this classy broad who lives and breathes fashion in New York and when she couldn’t make it to my (Seattle) baby shower, she, of course, sent the best gift.


The ubiquitous, yet so-fancy-we’d-never-buy-it-for-ourselves Beaba baby food maker (steamer, food processor and storage all in one) arrived just in time for my shower and I had ambitious dreams of making all my baby food from scratch.


I did and do love my baby food maker. Although, that’s not what I want to talk about. The whole thing came with an individual portion freezer storage container (bpa free, natch) and it is awesome. I use it as a snack holder. It’s a beautiful bright green, has room for a few different things to carry, isn’t too big for my bag and makes it easy to tell how much Hazel ate (which is helpful for us since her doc sometimes asks for a food log). I took it to a toddler class at Birth and Beyond and the babies DESCENDED upon me when they saw how awesome our snacks looked. 


THEN. My neighbor, who is a busy naturopathic student with an 8 month old and also a lover of the planet, sent me a link to the Beaba Babypote which she was thinking of using to replace all those pouches (ellaplumpeter rabbitearth’s best) that everyone uses. Let’s take a moment and thank God for those pouches. They are a freaking miracle and make so many moms’ lives easier. They keep forever, don’t have to be refrigerated until opened, are so tidy, can be quickly eaten, are all organic(inside)/bpa free(outside) and mix apples into everything so it’s all sweet and delicious and tricks our children into eating spinach.


Anyway, I bought a BEABA “Babypote” with my Amazon Mom Prime (you should all have Amazon Mom if you don’t already) and it is the best! It’s small but poufs up to hold a lot of food if I want it to, it’s easy for Hazel to use herself, easy to clean and, best of all, I can make my own blends that haven’t been sitting on a shelf for months – or, what I really want, some blends that aren’t sweet. Hazel sat down to read some books this afternoon and sucked down a cup of hummus from this bad boy. Mama is sold.


I recommend it. The pouches you get at the grocery store are convenient and tidy, but also expensive and non-recyclable. I implore you to give this thing a shot. You could blend up a big vat of something on the weekend and just squeeze it into your reusable container throughout the week. Consider it? Save the planet a little?


Beaba didn’t pay me anything to write this. (I wish!)

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