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Brangelina and me

The other night I excitedly settled in under the covers with my most recent People magazine.  Yes, I know it is trash.  But, I learned in medical school and residency that the mindlessness of People is just what I need to turn off my constantly churning mind at the end of a long day.  And any mama knows the value of that.  But I digress.

There, gracing the cover and looking as fabulous as ever, were Angelina and Brad.  I admit this pair fascinates me like, I assume, most Americans (and maybe even most humans).  At the same time, I feel nothing in common with these people what so ever.  Did that stop me from reading and thoroughly enjoying the juicy article regarding their surprising engagement?  Come on now.

I poured through the details of their relationship:  multiple foreign adoptions, world travel with 6 small children, owning estates in multiple countries, a million dollar engagement ring.  I could not feel more distanced from these people.  In answer to the question as to why now was the time to get married, a source described how the pair felt “that the family have settled into a genuine comfort zone as they emerge from the foggy infant-rearing years.”  This sentence stopped me in my reading tracks.

Hold up.  Brangelina, power couple extraordinaire with endless resources and help thinks the infant rearing years are tough?  I’m not even completely sure why this was such a gratifying revelation for me.  Here I am 10 months post partum feeling like we are slowly emerging from a long, cold, dark winter (literally and figuratively).  I still wonder more often than not if I’m in the minority feeling like the past 10 months were an insane whirlwind out of body (and mind at times) experience albeit the most awe-inspiring and amazing of my life.  Do other people think it’s this hard too?  Am I missing something or doing something wrong here? 

I know this is ridiculous, but for some reason, to hear that these two people who appear to have it all put together in all aspects of their lives (as if I even have any idea who these people are or what their lives are like at all) also felt the chaotic blur of infant rearing makes me sigh with relief.  Whew.  It’s not just me.  It really is hard.  And with that revelation behind me, I can now return my attention to the article and to the more pressing issue of which famous designer will design her wedding dress.



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  1. I have a 17 month old and got on a plane by myself for the first time since she was born a few weekends ago. Since reading trashy mags on airplanes USED to be one of my favorite activities (pre-baby) I happily dove into that same magazine and I totally zeroed in on that line too. Parenthood is awesome, but it’s hard!

  2. Thank goodness for people like you…and Brad & Angelina–ha!…who make me feel more normal. I feel a constant pressure to “love every minute” and value these precious half-comatose days, but usually I’m just too tired to do any sort of appreciating, despite the love I feel for my baby!

  3. I would have loved to have a third child, but the knowledge of how tough that first year is stopped us. I love my sons to bits and they are the world to me, but that first year…. survival! Good news is: it only gets better and easier (well, for the first 10 years that is; don’t yet know about the years after that).

    When my first son was born I was just soooo tired I went to the doctor because I thougt I had a postnatal depression; I recognized so many symptoms! The doctor asked me: “do you have the inclination to harm your baby?” No, I did not. And he said: “Dear, then you are just very, very tired” :). Wise man…. But you hardly ever hear about the not-so-nice side of becoming a parent.

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