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Expectations & Motherhood

We’re very clear that most of the problems that we’ve faced as new mothers can be boiled down to one core issue: EXPECTATIONS. The various expectations we place on self, our baby, our family, etc will define our experience in everything. It does in life before baby, it does in our marriage, and honestly all relationships…even business.

As we consider how we can expand our reach to help and support more Moms, we thought of the possibility of engaging with Moms on a more intimate level…in person. We’re brainstorming on classes we could offer, where we’d offer them, and what topics we’d discuss. It all comes down to this, what support do you need the most? As I’m going to write about soon in a new post, I completely understand that when you are only getting 2 hrs of sleep a night and your breasts are exploding with milk everywhere and your baby fusses for 4 hrs every night, it’s hard to think about ANYTHING else until those problems are solved. We understand that. However, we feel there is already support for those issues. What we DON’T feel is being addressed is everything else, those expectations, our identity issues, etc.

Thus the reason for this survey. It’s only 7 questions. Would you please take a moment of your precious time and fill it out? We’d appreciate the feedback immensely.

Expectations & Motherhood

We’ll be posting more surveys to come. If you have any ideas on topics that you think are pertinent, please let us know!!!


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