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To celebrate Moms

A recent challenge I had to step up to was helping my husband with a client. I traveled to California and took pictures at an event for a week. At the end of the week, I created a slideshow to show the students in the class. I’m pretty excited how it turned out. It didn’t look too different from my husbands product and he’s the professional. 🙂

It got me thinking. I’d love to do a slideshow/video with music to put on this website. The purpose would be just to celebrate how awesome and beautiful we all are as Mothers.

Here’s my idea.

I’d compile a bunch of pictures from our readers. One picture of you being pregnant, one of your birth (can be anytime during labor or you with your baby immediately after delivery), and one of you a few months after birth with baby (and the rest of your family if you want). It’s up to you. I’d like 3 pictures with one of each stage.

The song I’m gonna use is about 4 minutes long so I’d need to get 20 Mommas to volunteer for this project. You can email me your pictures directly at I’ll email you to confirm I received them. And then when I’m done with the slideshow, I’ll post it on here and Facebook so you can share it with your friends too!

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  1. Sounds cool! I’ll send some pictures your way when I get a chance 🙂
    -Erica Y

  2. I would love to be apart of this!!! If you will accept me. 🙂

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