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Thank You

I’ve been realizing lately what a blessing this blog has been. Yes, I started it to help other people but it’s really helped me too. It’s been invaluable having a place to share my voice whether it be struggles or proclaiming small victories.

I just wanted to say thank you for reading it, commenting on posts, and giving us feedback. We love hearing your stories too. Most of all, we know we’re a part of a huge network of wonderful women. It’s cheesy, yeah, but we ARE all in this together.

Thank you for sharing us with your friends, family and neighbors. I’m blessed to be a Mom. Our kids are gifts and I see everyday how complete and full my life is because of my family. I feel somehow that all of you as readers are an extension of our families too.

I personally don’t know all of you that read this site, but hopefully you can hear how much it means to us that you find value here. We’re constantly working on new ways to offer better content, find unique voices, and get you the support or encouragement you might need.

So thanks from the bottom of our hearts! We love you.


– the Moms Alive mamas

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