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Oh, Diastasis, you kind of ruined my life (or at least my waistline)

This photo was taken around 2 weeks postpartum. At the time I was thankful for the soft ledge on which to place my daughter for feeding, sleeping, snuggling, etc. It was handy. Big thank you to pregnancy for the shiny, glowing hair and nails displayed here. A big NO thank you for the huge hole in my belly.

When I began to grow, around 4 months pregnant, my midwife told me about abdominal diastasis. Later, she warned me that my abdominal muscles were separating and that I should be careful in the way I got out of the tub and up off the couch not to aggravate it – roll to my side, then push up with my arms, get help from someone and lift my my upper body, etc. I was so forlorn over my massive weight gain and was so distanced from any sense of reality and what was happening to my body that I didn’t take this advice too much to heart. I was careful and I bought something to bind my belly after the baby came, but I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal.

IT IS SUCH A BIG DEAL! Now that Hazel has come and gone from my uterus, I am left with abdominal muscles that probably could’t even reach each other if they tried. Showing off my (probably) perma-pooch to my mother (while she bought me ice cream – probably not helping) the other day, she said, “Just go to Pilates and the gym. You’ll be back to normal in no time”. While I appreciate the sentiment – usually getting thyself to Pilates class will shape up your mid section in a few short weeks – diastasis is a little more complicated.

I read Julie Tupler’s book and looked at this workshop. I do my exercises. But I think the harder work for me, a naturally string bean shaped lady, will be to accept the fact that my abs of steel are gone. And that even if they return, it will be with a gaping fissure down the center. I have a very different relationship with my jeans. My back is ill-supported because my front is hangin’ out. I now own Spanx. I tremble to think what another baby might do to worsen the problem. But I have a healthy kid. I have enough milk for her. I have an awesome husband who always tells me I look hot. I am very lucky. So my tummy has a little extra junk in the trunk (or under the hood?). There are worse things.

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  1. Yes! I will never forget when I was about two months postpartum and my mother (who is naturally tiny and got right back to her pre-pregnancy weight after having us) said to me: “It’s so good of you to give her a little shelf to sit on!” Baby weight is just so stubborn and it’s just so concentrated in such a visible place. I still had 10 pounds to lose when I got pregnant again when my first was 14 months old. Now, I try not to think about where exactly I am post- or pre-anything. I am just where I am right now, half in and half out of maternity clothes and I’m trying not to care how long it takes to get out of this stage!

    • My 11 month old who eats essentially no table food has now nursed all 80 pounds and then some from me. I am approaching lower-than-pre-pregnancy weight but still have to get used to this weird, distended belly. It’s uncomfortable to be a skinny girl with a little balloon attached to my front. Perpetually pregnant looking…

  2. Hi Emma,
    I found your blog and just read your story of living with a diastasis recti. I, like many women (particularly with children), can relate to the despair of having a tummy that no matter what you do, just will not go away. Baggy clothes and trying to hide your tummy become everyday norms. I love your fantastic attitude – “a healthy child, so what I own spandex, & a little extra junk in the trunk!” However, if you are like most women, this sentiment may wear thin after a few years? I can reassure you from personal experience that Julie Tupler’s Tupler Technique®, can and will repair your abdominal separation. You say you have read the book – that is fantastic but I do strongly encourage you to actually do the program. You have nothing to lose, (except your tummy & diastasis), and much to gain…. improved self confidence, a stronger abdominal region to assist any future pregnancies & your recovery, better posture, reduction or elimination of any back pain, stronger core, flatter tummy, smaller waist, improved pelvic floor strength & digestion, etc. These are just some of the benefits that I and my many many clients have experienced. I now run an abdominal rehabilitation business called Tummy Zip in Melbourne Australia, after my amazing results achieved with the Tupler Technique®. But you can see these results for yourself – I have heaps of Before & After photos of some of my clients on my website:
    I do wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your story.
    Kind regards,

    Laura Rossborough
    Tummy Zip

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