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Oh the pain, the pain I’ve been in!

When will my life be normal again?

Dread comes quickly and exits even more slowly.

Who can I trust and where can I turn?


If you only knew how lonely I am.

Can’t you see through my eyes or sense it from my voice?

No, I see you’ve clearly made your choice.

You talk and talk but never really listen.

There are things I’m not saying

and there’s a price that I’m paying.


Will you, will you just sit here with me?

Will you wipe my tears and lend your hand?

Will you help me once again to stand?

Not just to stand, I want to dance

I want to laugh loud and be completely free.


The cry of my heart is just to be heard.

Have you listened, to even one word?

Sometimes it seems, yes, but then hope fades away,

as I leave your house once again after our kids have played.


Please ask how I’m doing and not just to be polite.

Ask and ask again, “how are you really doing?”

Sometimes it’s hard to share how I feel.

I’m always thinking, “can I be real?”


Hey! I did it. I opened up.

But you just kept on bragging about all of your stuff.

I can’t take anymore, I want friends that are real.

Completely frustrated is how I feel.


I don’t have it bad but I ache for those that do.

Mamas that have no one to say, I love you too!

Mamas that never got to meet the soul they grew inside.

Babies that never got to see the sunlight.

Women that fear they’ll never conceive, but they somehow still go on to believe.


I love you all for how stunning you are.

And if I’ve not listened, please forgive me for it all.



*This mom wanted to tell her story, but didn’t want friends and family to know what she was going through.*


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