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3 baby products I couldn’t live without

*disclosure: no one is paying me to review these products. These are just 3 things that I couldn’t live without at home with a newborn! And I just felt like sharing them with you!

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier
I absolutely LOVE this wrap. I tried out many many many baby slings and this was by far my favorite. Sure, it’s a little tough to put on at first, but then you become a pro at it. I loved carrying my newborn around in it. He was 7 pounds and I used this wrap up until he was 6 months old even. You can carry them in it in multiple different ways. They come in lots of cute colors and now even some cute prints. They run anywhere from $35 to $50 brand new or you can find them used at consignment shops in your area.



aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets
These blankets are the BEST!!! They are super lightweight muslin cotton with cute prints. I used them for nursing cover-ups, covering the baby’s stroller or infant seat while on a walk, and my best usage was for doing the double swaddle. I swaddled my son until 10 months. Because these blankets are 47 x 47, they are big enough to do just about anything. I love the fabric and during the summer, they were light enough to even double swaddle in the intense heat. I initially purchased them at a baby boutique in a 4-pack, but they do come in 1-packs all the way up to 4-packs.



California Baby Diaper Area Wash
A friend of mine recommended this to me before I delivered my son. I had it in my diaper bag at the hospital and boy am I glad. Do you know that icky black stuff that you have to clean up on baby’s bum in the first 2 days? Well this stuff is a life saver to get it off. After that, it works for messy poopy diapers. Just spray on the parts you need to clean and voila! Use with or without wipes. I used it with wipes and it helped me use less wipes. One bottle of this is kinda expensive but I didn’t have to replace it until well after he turned 1. Now I buy this to take to as a gift to every baby shower I go to!

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  1. The moby wrap hurts my back. I LOVE the Ergo. Totally agree about the other two products. Other swaddle blankets just aren’t stretchy enough to tuck in.

  2. Yes, I forgot to mention that too. The moby did hurt my back too but only after my son got big. I still loved it for carrying a newborn.

    And I am with you. I LOVE the ergo!!! I’m going to write about that soon!

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