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Vegan, raw, organic? Yes, please.

Guest post by Cara

To some people, weʼre a controversial family. We donʼt eat meat, nor do my son or I eat dairy or eggs, my 2 year old still breastfeeds on demand and often, he sleeps between us in our bed, has never been vaccinated and we only eat organically grown food. I try to avoid labels but one that seems fitting is that Iʼm a definite….purist (you thought I was going to say hippie didnʼt you?). We donʼt take the decisions we make lightly, especially those regarding our son. But until heʼs old enough to make decisions like these on his own, itʼs our responsibility to make them for him to the best of our ability. And as a control freak by nature, this is a role I relish.


In terms of his food options, it helps that I went to school for nutrition, specifically vegan and raw food nutrition, and was a nutritional counselor before I became a stay at home mom. This gives me a bit more confidence in making decisions about the healthiest things for him and is also something I love focusing on and researching and doing for others. He eats things like chlorella, spirulina and bee pollen daily, just recently referred to a pecan as a cookie, and thinks that ice cubes and ice cream are the same thing. Is he warped? Maybe. Do I like it? Totally! 


People often tell me heʼll be made fun of in school or that when he sees other kids with their barely-worthy-of-the-term-food treats and snacks heʼll immediately be lured to the ʻdark sideʼ. I disagree. I think with a solid foundation heʼll be set to make the best choices for his health. If not, so be it. But while I can Iʼm happy to control what he eats to make sure itʼs the best available for his growing body, and his continually maturing digestive system. My priority at 2 isnʼt for him or our family to fit in, itʼs for him to be healthy.


It really isnʼt just that my son is vegan or vegetarian. He just eats naturally. He doesnʼt have things with sugar or even things like pasteurized juices. He has fresh foods and as much raw as possible. I feel like he is a blank slate and Iʼm sure down the road many things will muddy the waters but until then I feel like itʼs my job to keep that slate as clean as possible. The rewards of this are many. At 2 he has never been sick. Not a sniffle, cough, runny nose, fever, none of the usual childhood maladies, and I assure you we donʼt keep him in a bubble.


Iʼm not bragging so much as Iʼm thanking my lucky stars and also seeing the results of many aspects of the choices weʼve made for him, his diet being one of them. Iʼm not saying what Iʼm doing is better than what anyone else is doing because as a parent you know that all any of us are doing when it comes to our kids is the absolute best we can. Everything centers around what we think is best for them and these are the things that my family and I value.


We are careful not to judge others for their choices, and while others may judge us for our deviations from the beaten path, we are still happy to blaze a new trail and to take that path less traveled. But we do hope that perhaps if our steps make the trail a little easier to walk on others may not be so hesitant to follow in our footsteps. After all, the proof is in the pudding…the soy-free, dairy-free, raw organic pudding.


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  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m really curious about why you choose not to vaccinate at all, if your child’s health is your top priority. Everything else you said is amazing and I salute you for doing such an awesome job with your food choices- that’s really inspiring. I’m still nursing my 2+ year old, and wish I was as good at offering the kind of food that you do- our lifestyle’s a little hectic for that, but still- it’s a great thing to aspire to, and I’m pretty impressed by the moms who manage to offer totally unprocessed organic food to their kids. I’d love to hear your thought processes on vaccination choices, though, given your other stated priorities. I’ve talked to friends who delay and selectively vax and understand their thought processes a bit better, but none of my friends (afaik) have completely avoided vaccinating. If you want to reply by e-mail rather than commenting, feel free- I don’t want to turn this into a debate venue 🙂

  2. Beth,

    Thanks for your post. I am happy you are sharing how you really feel and I think a little debate can sometimes be beneficial.

    I actually chose not to vaccinate as well and I’ve been working on writing some posts about it. Not in a way of trying to get anyone else to do the same or even change someone’s thinking, but just to share how I came to the decision. I know the topic of whether to vaccinate or not is something many Moms struggle with on how to reach a decision they feel absolutely confident in.

  3. Hi Beth,
    Thanks for your kind words. It does take some time to be able to feed my son the way I do and being a SAHM helps A LOT!! Regarding vaccinating, this was a decision we were researching and thinking about during pregnancy and our doctor recommended Sears’s The Vaccine Book. That book sealed the deal for me if I was even a little on the fence, although mostly I already knew we probably wouldn’t based on other things I’d read. To not get too into detail, basically for us the benefits don’t outweigh the potential costs. As I said in the article, I’m a purist. I really mean that. I read ingredients like a mad woman, not just in food but in shampoo, detergent, you name it! So, of course, vaccines are no different. And honestly, the ingredients in them petrified me. I just don’t think there’s enough research done on injecting some of these things into children. That’s really the meat of it for me, the benefits don’t outweigh the potential costs.The amount of chemicals, heavy metals, microbes and animal (or human) DNA and byproducts just wasn’t something we felt safe with. Hope this helps clear up why I made this very personal decision and why I firmly and unwaveringly feel it’s the healthiest and safest choice for my child.

  4. Yeah- that does! Thank you. I mostly just feel like I want to understand the thought processes of people “on the other side of the fence” better, because it’s important to me to understand why and how people come to their decisions on stuff that is really important. In fact, it wasn’t until doing a little research this afternoon that I realized there were egg byproducts in most vaccines that some children are allergic to, which was an eye-opener for me. Thanks for your thoughtful response, too- and dude, your kid is so lucky! I wish I was more of a planner and could come up with a way to make meals like that work for our family. It seems like it would be a *lot* of time and mental energy and physical energy too! I’d love to hear some of your quick and easy recipes/ideas, too! Sometimes I think it’d be fascinating to just sit around and watch other parents do their thing all day- people have such different strengths!

  5. Love this, Cara! You know I feel the exact same way 🙂 Thanks for sharing and keep on doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  6. Kamelia says:

    what an awesome article! way to go! My friend Erica referred me to this site and I am so happy to meet other parents on the same path as we are on. Thank you for being an advocate of Whole/Natural Food diet for you and your family, and thank you even more for not vaccinating!
    Best wishes,

  7. Thank you ladies!! you’re all wonderful and make me so happy 🙂 Beth, a quick easy recipe that i love sharing because it’s SOOO good and children love it too is for a raw ranch dip. It rocks with veggies dipped in it or (oddly enough) is really good with rice cakes for some reason. Just throw 1.5-2 c. pecans (you can use other fatty nuts too but I like it with these guys the best), fresh lemon juice from maybe half a lemon, 1 lg. clove of garlic, 1 tsp sea salt, a celery stalk, 1/2 a leek, 1/2 tsp dill and 1/2 tsp basil (or a few fresh leaves of basil and a small sprig of dill) in a blender or cuisinart. Add water to help it blend but add it slowly until you have the thickness you want. You can make it thinner and use it as a salad dressing too but I love it really thick as a dip. YUMMY!!!! Even my mom likes it, and she’s a butter, bacon and fat loving lady so she’s my gauge! Haha!!

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