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Some things are worth paying extra for

This will be a short but to the point blog post but I just HAD to share. When my son was barely turning 1, it was spring of 2010. My grandma sent him a present in the mail and as I opened the box, I kinda laughed. It was a navy blue lightweight rain jacket from LLBEAN. Really? LL Bean? Who shops there? I had no idea who did, but I had never bought anything from there.  

The jacket was way too big but it was perfect for spring cool days here in the PNW. It turned out being perfect all the way through the winter time. It blocked rain, wind, and was great even on super cold days. We’d just put a fleece on underneath it for the super cold days.

Fast forward to now. He’s just over 2 and I’ve been looking for a replacement jacket since the beloved LLBean one is getting too short on the arms, although the length is still fine for his torso. I fell in love with this jacket so much that I’ve thought about just replacing it with the same one. Yikes. I looked it up and it’s $34.50. Now I know that wouldn’t break the bank, but since I can find a jacket that would be usable for under $15 at any consignment shop in Seattle, I’m definitely not going to order the one from LLBean.

Today I was at my Moms house and we started talking about the jacket. She offered to buy him a new one and I looked up their website to check on the pricing. As I read the details on the jacket, I totally flipped out. Here’s what I read.

“Grow” sleeves lengthen 1½” when pull-away seams are removed.

WHAT? Holy schmoly!!! I couldn’t believe it. I got home from my Mom’s house to check to see if his jacket had this option. Holy smokes it did!!! I can’t believe I didn’t even notice it before. HAHAHA. I totally had to laugh at myself.

I just pulled out the string and sure enough, it fits my son again. In fact, the sleeves are a little long again!!! I think he’ll be able to wear it through the summer now and into fall.

The reason I had to share is this. I’m shocked there are companies out there that do intelligent stuff like this. I would absolutely buy one of their jackets again. Think about it. You buy bigger so your kid can wear it longer. When you first buy it, it has shortened sleeves so he can fit in it now….then it works better for longer. Genius!

I guess there are just so many companies I feel used to offer quality products like this but don’t anymore. It seems (or at least is my perception) that companies want to offer a cheaper product at a higher price to the consumer.

Now I can say I won’t judge a company without first having any evidence. I was so wrong and now I’m happy to be an LLBean supporter.


(LLBean did not pay me to say this and I didn’t receive anything for posting this review.)

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  1. I grew up in Maine where LL Bean is a staple, and they are the best! I’ve never heard of grow sleeves, though. What a great idea!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, I’m really impressed by the grow sleeves. I find it hard to shop online for stuff that you can’t try on, but with kids it seems a little easier. I’ll be buying more from them in the future. My husband said his Mom really liked LL Bean too because of their quality.

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