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Who is the car seat lady?

Since I was pregnant, I’ve been hearing about the “car seat lady”. Need help in finding an infant car seat? Call Sue, the car seat lady. Need to have your car seat checked to make sure it’s installed properly? Call the car seat lady. So what did we do? We called the car seat lady. Enter Sue Emery. She can answer any question you have, show you documents and research to prove safety standards on any law, and is the foremost “expert” on proper car seat installation. She impressed me with her wealth of knowledge and willingness to freely give it. She drove in rush hour traffic to come to my house and as she was leaving, I finally felt confident my baby would be safe in his seat.

Keep your precious cargo safe!

I’m so happy to not only share her contact information with you, but also who she is as well. She has so graciously supplied for us some crucial information on car seat selection and safety that we will be sharing soon with all of you. First and foremost, here is a little more about her…


Suzanne (Sue) Emery

Every parent and caregiver wants and deserves the best for their child. Unfortunately there are many well intentioned people who give less than stellar advice or information. Medical professionals, law enforcement, social workers and others who serve families are often overwhelmed with materials they need to be up to date on, no one person can realistically know it all. And so, old information, misspoken facts, and personal opinion is voiced.

The well intentioned person is often left guessing and hoping they make the right choices.

My business card reads:

‘Car Seats and Booster Seats Can Be Confusing. I serve those in need of assistance.’


I am Sue and for over twenty years I have made it my personal mission to be the voice of car seat reason to families in the greater Puget Sound area. While managing a small mission on Capitol Hill I noticed that used car seats were donated and distributed without much knowledge of how to use them, and seldom were instructions given to the parent. I was privileged to take classes from those with great expertise in the area of child passenger safety. In 1999 I participated in a National Child Passenger Safety Course, and upon completion of the course became a certified child passenger safety technician.

Since 1999 I have created curriculum that is used nationally, participated in vehicle research on the LATCH system used in newer vehicles, and teach at the local, regional, national and international levels.

My passion is safety for all in motor vehicles. Child and adult.

I currently serve as a certified child passenger safety instructor and work at the Safety Restraint Coalition in Kirkland, WA.

To contact Sue Emery, please feel free to call her directly at 206-619-2871. Even if you live outside of the Pacific Northwest, Sue can still advise you on issues and help over the phone so give her a ring! Thanks Sue.


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