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Rainy day activity ideas: Giving and looking for suggestions

Anyone else in the PNW going nuts thanks to this long winter and now into Juneuary?

I feel like I’ve used up the bulk of my rainy-day ideas, like, 3 months ago, since I’ve had to rely on them since, um, like last September.

We try to go out at least once a day, but I think we are both getting a little tired of our indoor options. We are devotees of our local library’s weekly story time. We go to the (mostly outdoor) zoo and the science museum. There are tons of indoor playrooms around town. We will even wander around this beautiful conservatory when I feel the need to pretend I am in Hawaii. And once in awhile, we will go to this awesome pool. (When I feel like being cold, that is, which is why I said “once in awhile.” It should be noted that the pool itself is very warm–I’m just a wuss about being cold.) We used to go to the open gym hour at the local gymnastics place, which is super fun, but now that nap time seems to fall earlier, it’s rare that I’m willing to venture out and risk a bad nap. And we do have rain gear and will venture outside if we’re really stir-crazy–dog park, puddle splashing, etc.

At home, we read LOTS of books. We play with puzzles, a play kitchen, blocks, and soft toys galore. Sometimes we bake muffins or do other things in the kitchen, but I have to be feeling really ready for a mess that day. I recently discovered this recipe for play dough; my mom used to make it for me when I was little. E *LOVED* it–she sat for *45* minutes in her high chair and patted it and pressed cookie cutters and other things in it.

So what do you do? What are your go-to indoor activities with toddlers, both inside and outside of the house? We need some suggestions!

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  1. I bought a bunch of polished pebbles/rocks in the houseplant section of Fred Meyer. Zane will play with them for a long time in the kitchen using his trucks to dig and load and dump, or washing them with bowls and cups of water to dump back and forth. You can get big rocks, but I feel comfortable with the smaller ones now that Zane is no longer oral, and I always monitor him.

  2. I meant to add — the rocks are MUCH easier to clean up than flour or rice or pasta for dumping projects in the kitchen. The polished rocks are clean and smooth and don’t break apart.

  3. Rebecca says:

    haha. I think you just need a bigger house to clean. 🙂 That’s what I feel like fills all my time up.

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