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Teething Tips

Besides diapering, feeding, and sleep issues, I would say that teething is a big part of the first year of your babies life. When my son was first born and I heard others talk about teething, I thought, what’s the big deal? They feel a bit if pain and are uncomfortable for a few days, and BOOM….a tooth appears. HAHAHAHA….was I sadly mistaken. If only it were that easy.

My son got his first tooth at 7 months and the 2nd a week after the first. I had listened when they talked about teething in my Moms group but when he started teething, it seemed like I forgot everything. And now that he’s almost a year and on his 5th tooth, it seems like he’s been teething constantly since he got his first one. I know you can relate.

Here are some teething tips I found helpful. If you have your own tips that worked well, please add them to the comments section. I didn’t try everything and I know many things can help.

Teething Toys

– Our experience with teething toys has been hilarious. We had many different ones that we received as gifts. When it came to be teething time and I handed them to my son, he liked to play with them but couldn’t fit one of them into his mouth. Here’s the  Standard Teether.

My husband kept saying, “He needs something that he can get further in his mouth to gnaw on. Those don’t even fit into his mouth.” Thus began my endless search through many baby stores and boutiques looking for non-traditional teething toys. Finally someone told me about Sophie.


At first, I was firm that I would not spend $20 on one single teething toy. How could it be worth that price? Oh but it was. So don’t moan and complain about the price. Just trust me and buy it. It’s by far the best teething toy ever. And all babies love it. Go to any Moms group in Seattle with babies 3-6 months old and every baby has Sophie in their mouth.

Twisty teether

– The Munchkin Twisty Teether has also been a huge fan of our son when teething. The little knobs all have different textures. It’s easy for him to hold and it even twists and makes a funny clicking sound that he laughs at too.

– The Vibrating teether works awesome too. It’s easy for them to fit in their mouth and vibrates as they bite down on it.

Vibrating teether

– Then there’s everything in between. They can chew on books, the coffee table, a spatula, wooden spoon, etc etc. Books are also a favorite in our house! Ha.

Soothing the Pain

None of these tips are “no fail” solutions. Part of the journey is just trying things and figuring out what works best for you. Sometimes when we have a screaming baby that is in pain, we feel like there’s nothing we can do to soothe them and make it go away. What we can do, though, is love them and find a few tricks that may make the experience a little more bearable.

– Homepathic Chamomile – This works great and also helps to calm them. You can find it at your local natural market.
– Mesh bags filled with cold apple, frozen blueberries or pear to bite down on.
Hylands Teething Gel – The tablets for Hylands have been recalled and will be available again soon but this gel works great too.
Frozen washcloth
Baby Motrin or similar (ask your pediatrician about this first)

I know there are lots of other teething tips out there. We’d love for you to share what worked for you! And just remember when your baby is teething, “this too shall pass!”

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