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My mom, my inspiration

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, and I celebrate my second year of being a mother I’ve been thinking a lot about my own mother.

Although she was far from perfect, she was a fabulous Mom. Everyone probably has their own ideas of what makes a great mother. And we all come from various backgrounds raised with different beliefs and a vast range of values. Maybe your Mom bought you tons of toys. Is that what you remember about her? That you had every new toy that was popular?

Or maybe your Mom bought you the nicest clothes. Only name brand and only the best so you looked your absolute best. Maybe you lived in a big house with a nice car. It’s funny to think about these things. I know a lot of people that think these are the things that matter. How much money they make, what they get to spend it on…they care about how big the pile of toys is underneath the tree at Christmas time, or how big of a birthday party to throw for their kids every year.

I had a lot of these things growing up. And what do I remember the MOST? I remember my Mom always being there for me. She always had time to talk. She waited up for me when I came home, just in case I needed to talk. I could call her or go to her ANYTIME for anything. And she listened. Sometimes she had advice or tried to fix my situation. Mostly, she just listened. She was an unconditional listener.

I can’t even being to tell you what this meant to me growing up. For as long as I can remember, she was always there for me. If she was cooking and I needed her, she stopped and gave me her full attention. She’d turn off the TV, put her book down, get off the phone, or stop what she was doing…..all to lend an ear.

She wasn’t just lending an ear, she was opening her heart. She wasn’t just sitting there with my physically, she was 100% present and IN THE MOMENT.

To this day, my Mom is the ultimate listener. I know I have a long way to grow still when it comes to listening. Sometimes I get impatient if people don’t get to the point quickly, or they go on and on telling stories.

I feel like this was the greatest gift my Mom ever gave me. I’d choose all of that time with my Mom over any of the fancy clothes, presents, big houses, nice cars, vacations, or trips to Disneyland.

In the busy craziness of life, I find myself preoccupied with so many things that distract me from my son. I should say, I let these things distract me. They only have control over me if I let them, and to be honest, it’s a struggle. I can easily be caught up with my husband, emails, TV, the phone, Facebook, cleaning the house, making dinner, and my super long never ending to-do list.

Next thing I know, my son is pulling on my arm and saying “No No” to the computer. “Mama, read book now pweeeeeze, Mama.”

I have a long way to go to be the perfect Mom, if there is such a thing. LOL. Just kidding. I know perfect is unattainable. I can choose however, to be the best I can be and that would include giving my son the best because he deserves it. Someday he will be grown up and have a family of his own.

My time as the most influential person in his life is NOW. He needs me to listen now. He needs me to care now. He needs me to be present now.

Thanks Mom for all you did for me. I will always treasure our time together, past, present, and future. I love you!


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  1. Beautiful. Want to be the best listener for my son. I have a tendency to
    to want to fix everything. Need to realize sometimes (most times) I should just listen. Happy Mother’s Day!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Reyna! Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

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