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Spending time alone

Ahhhh…..I remember those first weeks after bringing my son home from the hospital. My husband was such a great help. I got to shower every day and take care of myself. Ok, he helped take care of me too. I didn’t struggle too much with trying to fit a shower in or do something for myself everyday, even if it was 5 minutes alone.

Fast forward a few months and I no longer had a newborn that slept all day. He grew more demanding of my constant attention and care, which is how it goes. I still found it easy to find time here and there to take care of myself or get out alone for an hour.

Fast forward to a year later and it’s a different story. I have a busy toddler now running around. In some ways, he feels easier. He can communicate more. He is more self sufficient at things like eating. However, life is so much more tiring. I find myself getting worn out way more these days.

He’s sleeping through the night so I can’t complain about lack of sleep, unless I choose to stay up to 2 am doing who knows what. It just seems like it’s harder to take time for myself lately. I notice that if I go a week without my “special alone time” then I usually have a mini-meltdown of some sort.

Getting away to think and recharge, even if it’s just down the street at Barnes and Noble, is SO important.

I think most Moms would say their kids come first, but in all honesty, they really shouldn’t. Here’s what I mean. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you are not at your best. If you aren’t at your best, then you are not giving your kids your best.

Because our families depend on us for so much, this is why it’s so crucial for us to be able to give 100% to them. Taking time for ourselves allows us to clear our heads, get focused, and relax. We deserve it. (well we deserve a full spa day once a week but maybe I’ll ask for that a little down the road.) ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are constantly putting your kids first, then when does it fit into the equation to take care of you? I’ve met so many Moms that fall into this. It’s easy to think that you’ll get it “later”, but then “later” never comes.

Carve it into your schedule. Time for a shower. Time to do your hair. Time to put on makeup. Time to workout. Time to read a book. Time to get a latte and relax for an hour. Time to get a pedicure. Time to get a massage. Time with girlfriends. Time for a movie by yourself.

Taking care of yourself feels good. It builds self esteem because you are saying that you are worth it….because you are. This will translate to you being a better Mom and wife and friend. Your family will see it and be thankful (because you have more to give to them). And you will feel great about yourself.

Ok….gotta take my own words here and put them into practice in my own life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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