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My story: chapter 6

So where did I leave off in the story? Oh yeah, I thought that since I was healthy and had worked my butt off to get there, that I would have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and perfect delivery. Boy oh boy. My expectations were insane.

I went through the pregnancy complication free. I had morning sickness but not too bad. I exercised all the way to the end, with modifications of course. I had low iron and had to supplement. No huge weight gain, just 30 lbs. My feet didn’t even swell. I would call the pregnancy pretty easy. I felt great all the way through, slept great. In the first trimester, I did struggle a bit with sciatica but with regular trips to the chiropractor and massage therapist, I was able to get through that.

Here I was in the 9 month (or was it the 10th?) thinking and expecting that my delivery will be as easy as my pregnancy was. I attended a childbirth class with my husband. I remember the day that the teacher was covering unexpected complications that can come up and hospital transfers, c-sections, etc. She said, “The statistics show that 25% of you in this room will delivery via C-section.” We all gasped. All of us were planning natural births, either at home or birth center. C-sections were off our radar completely. I sat there thinking, “like hell we will. We’re going to wipe that statistic out. All of us are going to get what we want.”

The class came to an end. We all parted ways. I set up a Facebook group so we could all still connect and share with each other when the glorious day came and our little ones were brought into the world. We could share stories and swap pictures. As due dates approached and a few babies were born, stories started to trickle in. I was absolutely absorbed and transported into each story. And the memories and stories sounded beautiful. None were so called “perfect” births, all had challenges but were different for each Mum.

I fantasized about my upcoming birth. The relaxing music that would be playing, the words of encouragement from the midwife, the perfect baby that popped out effortlessly. (Yes, I am sharing honest thoughts with you, silly as they sound now. haha.)

Let’s see…what other expectations did I have? I knew there would be pain, but I wasn’t worried about that. I knew it might be long and hard, but I felt confident I could get through it. My husband was by my side, I had no doula. I trusted my midwives completely. And God wouldn’t let me bear more than I could handle. I was ready…..or so I thought.

First of all, I was absolutely NOT ready. Everyone said that first babies come way late. Expect to go in to labor 2 weeks past your due date at least. Don’t get too excited about delivering near your due date. Ok, easy. I wasn’t prepared to have the baby on my due date. But ELEVEN days early? Come on. The crib mattress hadn’t even been delivered yet!

Sure enough. On the night of May 28th, I went to bed like normal. Ten pillows on the bed, not expecting to sleep that great. My mom was staying over that night because my brother was in town for 2 days. We had plans the next morning to drive to see him together and meet for breakfast. My husband was neck deep with work deadlines coming up that weekend.

BUT….the baby had other plans for us entirely.

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