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My story: chapter 11

I was filled with so much peace at the hospital. I felt like every doctor and nurse was an angel. They were so loving and kind, speaking words of encouragement and comfort. I know this will sound weird, but my hospital room felt like my own bedroom at home. I truly felt at home. I thank God for that. He was taking care of me!

The hour was here. Time to go to the OR. They wheeled me in. I was shaking from being cold. We got into the OR and the doc brought me tons of warm towels and covered my arms and neck. The lights were bright so my husband got a washcloth and put it over my eyes. So sweet.

The doc asked me what station I wanted to listen to while they did the surgery. Really? I could listen to music in the OR? Haha. No thanks, I said. I’ll just lay here in peace and quiet. (They actually put it on a classical station which was nice.)

They got going on the surgery. The anesthesiologist was just behind my head. My husband was to the left of my head holding my hand, which was not tied down. We talked about living in Greenlake and how beautiful Seattle summers are. We laughed and told jokes. The doc actually used to live in Greenlake so all shared our favorite things to do and places to eat. Talking about all this made me at ease and it was nice to have something to focus on while they did the surgery.

*Important side note*

My husband had asked that after my son came out of my belly, and was checked, that I be allowed to hold him on my chest skin to skin. This was something that was really important to me. I had heard previously that typically they don’t allow this while in the operating room due to hospital policy. We asked anyway, but they said no.

All of a sudden , I heard his cry. It was a moment in time I will cherish and NEVER forget. I started bawling. He was real. He was here. He was breathing. I’m finally a Mom.

Holding Daddy's hand

My husband whipped out his camera and started taking pictures. Yes, he took pictures of our baby coming out of my stomach. Do you want me to post those pics? 😉

meeting Magnus

Time seemed to stand still. A nurse pulled down my blankets and set my baby on my chest, skin to skin. What? Did I really get to hold him right now? (still bawling) I was in disbelief and overwhelmed by emotions.

I looked at him and his eyes were wide open looking into mine. “Hi baby.” His hand reached for my finger and immediately started squeezing it as to say, “Hi Momma. You did it.”

I just looked at him crying, thanking God that He helped me through all of this.

“hey doc, how long can he stay here on my chest?”

“Oh, they have about another 30 minutes to finish up. So you can keep him on you until we need to leave the OR.”

so happy!

No one can describe in any words what the moment feels like to become a Mom for the first time. I’m trying to come up with words but they aren’t there.

proud daddy

We headed back to our room after it was over. It was over? (sigh) I’m ready for some sleep! Oh yeah, and some breastfeeding.

A few hours later, our nurse came to us and started to whisper. “I’m so happy you got to hold him on your chest. I personally asked the doctor if we could let you have that opportunity. Normally we don’t. And do you know what he said?”

He said, “We are absolutely doing that for this girl. She has been to hell and back and absolutely deserves this.”

All I could do was smile and say “thank you”.

Finally at home on Momma's chest

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  1. Rebecca that is so beautiful, (and you are beautiful too in the pictures by the way). You are so strong and amazing the way you have dealt with all this, I might need to ask you for a therapist recommendation.


  2. Nikki Marquez says:

    Been reading this through (I went and found the links). Beck… I’m crying. Caedmon took my face in his hands and said, Mommy it’s okay. I’d love to tell you “live” how much this impacted me and I need to hear it. You were really listening to God when you started posting and writing this. A lot of woman/mothers don’t understand why my birthing experiences are so traumatic for me. They often are shocked and act as if I focus more on the bad stuff than the blessing it provided. Please feel free to call me when you have a moment (during nap?) one day. I’ll message you my number. It’s been too long already anyway. 😉

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