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This is it and I’m satisfied

Sometimes I wish for simplicity.

If I didn’t have a phone, I wouldn’t have to answer it. I wouldn’t have to check my voicemail, call people back, or deal with telemarketers or sales calls from my bank. I wouldn’t have to charge it every night, or worry about losing it and replacing it. I wouldn’t worry about losing my contact lists if it crashes or gets stolen. More importantly, I wouldn’t have to constantly watch where I set it down for fear that my 18 month old might grab it and throw it into the toilet.

Some days I feel I manage my time well and get a lot of things done. Most days, I fail miserably. Seems that everything wants a piece of me. My phone is ringing, and make that 3 phones. Cell, home, and business line. The TV is calling my name. That movie I just got on netflix, or my favorite cooking show that recorded last night, or the cartoon Magnus wants to watch.

There’s the list of things to do. Clean the house, do laundry, return calls, check email, return email, buy groceries. etc. etc. etc. Everyone and everything is screaming for my attention. Advertisers want my money, stores want my business, friends want my company. When I lay my head down on my pillow at night, it is hard to relax. Did I get everything done? Did I make everyone happy? Sometimes I wish there was no one to make happy and nothing to do.

A cabin out in the woods on a lake, far from the city. No sounds of sirens or freeway traffic. Yup, I could get away! Or on a beach listening to the sounds of the waves crashing. Feet in the sand. No appointments. No cell service. Just me and my boys! That is sounding great to me.

But really, how did our lives get so full of stuff? It’s never enough, is it? People always have to get the newest cell phone, the most TV channels, the cutest shoes, the biggest diamonds, the shiniest and fastest car, the highest paying job, the smartest kid. It’s the rat race of the life of bigger, better, more different.

I get sucked into it every now and then. Mostly, I focus on what I do have and don’t care about the rest. I have what I need and am happy with that. Sometimes though, it feels like everywhere I go is a vacuum, trying to suck me into this or that. Even certain friends I have with have this affect on me. And I just have to get away. Back to my roots, my core, my values. Refocus. What’s important? Right. I remember. Ok, all good now.

This is it and I’m satisfied.

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