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Can’t I have two babies?

Ever since I got pregnant with baby #2 four months ago, I’ve gotten hints of what’s to come for my first baby: Immediate move to “big girl” status on or around June 3, 2011, even though she’ll only be 23 months old. That thought makes me really, really sad.

The crazy thing about toddlers is they seem so much like little kids, but they still have so much baby in them, too. I really think that’s as it should be, and I really want to hold on to that for Q as long as she needs it, regardless of this impending other little person who just happens to be her sibling.

Every time someone finds out about my pregnancy, they start talking to Quinn about how she’s a big girl, and talking to me about potty training, weaning and the like. It’s kind of funny that this upsets me, as Quinn only nurses like once a week these days and has been using her potty occasionally for like six months. The difference to me is that she got to those places on her own, based on her needs and interests and my assessment of her ability. I really want to maintain that same progression into the future (veteran moms: Am I as delusional as I was two years ago when I thought my future baby would sleep easily with a swaddle and a head jiggle??).

I mean, I know that Quinn is going to have to grow up in many ways when her new sibling makes its appearance stateside, if for no other reason than I only have two arms and so much patience. But at the same time, there is a lot I can do with these arms and the patience I’ve acquired in the last 17 months.

I know she’ll be a big sister, but I’m hoping she’ll get to hold on to lots of her babyhood, too. Yes, she will sometimes have to wait for mama when I’m nursing the newborn. But I’m still planning to rock her and hold her before bed (if she’s still doing that on or around June 2, 2011).  I still want to hold her in my lap and sing to her. I still want to wear her around when she needs that. I still plan to call her a baby until she starts demanding I move her to “big girl” status in her most convincing big girl voice.

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