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Snow day, baby!

Never has the difference in my life pre- and post- Quinn been quite so stark as these last few snowy days.

Before Quinn, I would have been stressed at the sight of the snow, knowing it would mean queuing for an overcrowded bus and hoping to leave work early to get a jump on the long commute home. I would only ever see the snow in the darkness. The snowy days of early 2009 were especially miserable for me: pregnant with Quinn and exhausted, I worried the bus would skid off the road. I was nervous about slipping on the ice downtown. I was hot and nauseated and hated being crammed next to a bunch of hot, damp strangers.

But I’ve had so much fun during these last few snow days home with Quinn. Of course, when you’re a stay-at-home mom, a “snow day” will never mean a day off (nothing will ever mean a day off, EVER!), but I’ve been able to really revel in the weather. We’ve been listening to Christmas songs and dancing around the house, cuddling on the couch and watching the flurries out our window, pointing together at the snow.

Yesterday, we only made it outside once, but boy was it a production: Two layers each, with gloves and hoodies and hats and boots. I was sweating so bad when we finally got out the door! But it was wonderful to see Quinn staring up at the sky, trudging through snowy drifts, giggling at the dogs running around the park. Because Quinn is a toddler, she had to take her mittens off every thirty seconds so that she could exclaim “Uh oh!” and demand they be put back on. Of course, she did eventually get really, really cold and I had to rush her home.

We stripped down, wrapped up in a blanket and cuddled to more Christmas songs while we waited for the cocoa to get warm. Watching Quinn sip her first mug of cocoa was as blissful for me as it was for her to drink it. Bring it on, winter!!

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  1. Very Sweet, Shawna!

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