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Send us your sleep questions

Does your baby will only fall asleep whilst nursing or bottle feeding?

Does your toddler needs a pacifier in order to fall asleep?

Are you waking up one, two, three, or more times a night?

Does your child needs to be rocked, bounced, or taken in the car in order to fall asleep?

Is your lack of sleep is taking it’s toll on you, your family and even work?

Why settle for a ‘one method suits all’ sleep training technique?

If you have questions like these, email us and we will help. Rebecca Michi is a Parenting Consultant and Children’s Sleep Specialist who is based in Seattle and works with families all over the globe. And she’s working with us to answer YOUR sleep questions and solve your sleep dilemmas.

Rebecca is the founder of the ‘Finally get some sleep’ coaching packages, which include individual and group coaching. She offers free monthly sleep clinics in the Seattle area.

She is also the host of ‘The Rebecca Michi Show’ aired on KKNW 1150 AM Seattle.

The first show of each month is dedicated to solving your child’s sleep issues.

Catch her every Monday at 2pm PST.

Rebecca is also a guest blogger on SwankyMoms.

Send your questions to us at and we will post her answers on our blog.

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  1. tricia lineback says:

    i have a one year old son who wont go to sleep at a normal hour. sometimes we are up to 3 am. i have tried not giving him a nap so he will go to bed early it worked for one day then back to late nights. im very fustrated everyone say’s put him in his crib and let him cry himself to sleep. that would kill me. i have tried putting on soft music to relax him. it hardley works. i dont know what else to do. he is a very active child, some of my relatives say’s he is A.D.D. because he never stops. is ther any relaxations things i can do to make him relax and go to bed. i dont know i out of options. can you please help me. thanks a very tired mom. trish

  2. Trish,
    I’m sorry you’re having some sleep issues with your son. You must be exhausted!

    I would try not to worry about your son having ADD. Children aren’t diagnosed with ADD until they are much older. He just sounds like a very lively and spirited 1 year old to me.

    I would try and stick to a daily routine. Have a set, acceptable wake up time. Set lunch time, nap time, snack time and bedtime. Spirited children thrive on routine.

    I would certainly give him a nap. Sleep certainly does breed sleep. You can expect him to nap around 1 1/2 hours a day.

    Have a nice relaxing time after dinner, no TV and no rough and tumble play. Dim the lights (this will help with melatonin production, the sleepy hormone) and keep things nice and calm and quiet. Do some puzzles together and read books.
    Have a bedtime routine of around 45 minutes (your bedtime routine doesn’t have to include a bath if he get’s super excited by them). Do exactly the same thing every night. PJ’s on, tidy bedroom, songs, books and then into bed. Again all done in a dim room.

    Treat all night wakings as just that a night waking. If it’s too early let him know it’s not time to get up. If you think he needs a visual cue to see when it’s time to get up, set a nightlight up on a timer, to come on at your acceptable wake up time. Make sure he can see it from his crib. If he wakes before the light comes on, let him know it’s not time to get up and try getting him back to sleep. Don’t start your day until it is time to get up.

    It may take a little while to set him sleep rhythm, but by being consistent he will get there I promise.

    Rebecca Michi

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