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Recovery time after birth

I’ve been curious since my son was born how well other Mamas have recovered from the birth experience. Honestly, I feel like I’m done processing things mentally and emotionally from it….but physically still recovering.

I don’t think I could have pushed myself any harder to get in shape or lose the baby weight. I just didn’t want to think about working out. It seemed too intense, at least the way I work out is. I figured that I am young…my body will bounce right back. And 17 months later, I still have weight to lose. But it’s not about the weight I know.

I’m learning lately that my perspective of having to “get back to where I was” isn’t realistic. Just like life is different with a new baby and will never be the same, so is the same with my body. It won’t ever be just as it was. Nursing has completely changed my boobs. I have a c-section scar that will always be there. (no stretch marks thank God) And I would swear to you that my hormones are completely different too. Most foods taste different too. Things just aren’t the same.

After I workout, there is always a period of recovery time. And if I want to hit my next workout at the intensity that I like, then I have to take recovery time seriously. The way I eat, drink, sleep and think all affect recovery. I can’t recover if I’m totally stressed or get 3 hours of sleep. If I’m committed to working out, then I have to be committed to the time in between workouts.

We all know that after baby comes home, we can’t exactly PLAN to get 8 hours of sleep every night. We do our best but we have newborns. HELLO!!! We do our best to control stress, but we have a newborn. We try to cook or at least scavenge for food in the frig, but we have a newborn. Cooking a meal becomes a 6 month goal to aspire to. Sleeping for just 4 consecutive hours becomes a goal. And forget about working out….well at least for me. I didn’t think about it at all. Some women I know are working out at 3 weeks postpartum. God bless you ladies!!

Finally I feel like I’m getting it. I don’t have to be a size 4 again before I feel that I’ve recovered or become myself again. I sleep long and hard when I can. And then I surrender to the tiredness. Working out has become a priority again but I’m easing into it this time. Starting slow so I don’t get overwhelmed.

I’m just mellowing out a bit overall. I just can’t take the stress. There are tons of stressors that I can’t control. I have to choose to manage it where I do have control. This makes a huge difference. So what it’s taken me 17 months to finally start eating healthy again and get back to the gym? I really don’t care anymore. I’m happy with where I’m at.

A friend of mine recently described Surrender as this, “Letting go of the struggle and allowing ‘what is’ to be present in life. Give up resistance and live life fully.”

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