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Pregnancy, revisited

When I was pregnant with Quinn, I had myself convinced that I was keeping her safe and healthy by being so hyper-aware of her. I knew on an intellectual level that my body was doing all of the things it needed to do to grow and nourish her, but still, I assumed that my passion about the process was playing a major role.

I see now, as I think a lot of moms do the second time around, that I’m really just a vessel. When days go by without me thinking about this baby, I find myself amazed that she’s still growing away, really quite oblivious to me (in spite of its reliance on my body). It’s a strange feeling.

I keep feeling guilty and like I need to check in somehow, but then I get caught up in mothering my toddler and then before I know it, I’m another week along. Not that I ever forget I’m pregnant– the nausea and my over-inflated uterus are keeping that fact well-entrenched. But do I talk to my baby and think about her for hours on end like I did with Quinn? No, I’m sorry little baby, I don’t.

I remember taking a prenatal yoga class last time around and being amazed when all the veteran moms couldn’t even remember the week they were in– I mean how could they lose sight of the most important thing in the world?? Ha ha. I haven’t even made it to a prenatal yoga class yet. I must admit I’m just assuming my life will have room for this little one when he’s on the outside–because I sure don’t seem to have enough time now!

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