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My story: chapter 5

I didn’t really think about the date we had set to get pregnant. I was busy making my other dreams come true. We were happily working on our business, traveling, and playing hard. Life was good.

Starting right about the time I met my husband in 2003, I began a journey to create better health for myself. I was learning about what was good to eat, importance of exercise, and how the body works…most importantly why the body needs things like good food and exercise. Things were making sense that I learned. I had always heard things like caffeine was bad for you, but I didn’t know why. Sugar was bad but I didn’t know why.

As I learned how the body worked, I learned the affect of things like what I was putting into it…or not putting into it. And it all seemed like common sense. Wow. So many things I had thought were healthy, turned out not to be that great for me. I thought like everyone else that 30 min of exercise a few times a week was enough, although for years I did that and never seemed to see any results.

After a few years of changing habits and putting what I learned into practice, the time was drawing near to get pregnant. My husband and I had a long conversation one night. I decided to make a one year commitment to get into the best possible health that I could. When the one year was up, we would get pregnant. I wanted to have the best possible environment for the baby to grow and have an awesome head start in life towards living a healthy life.

During this one year, I exercised diligently 5-6 times a week, strength training included. I ate consistently clean. I started off at 145lbs (not that weight matters that much, and I didn’t care about the number. But i was shocked at how much my body changed during this time) I dropped 20 lbs over the first few months and stayed there. My body fat went from 32% down to 18%.

I took my supplements which included fish oil, probiotics, and greens. I juiced frequently, cut out caffeine, cut back intake of coffee, cut out sugar. I ate like a caveman….or cavewoman. LOL.

It was easy to live this way. I was applying all that I had learned about health and was seeing great results. I used to have a lot of insomnia and that went away. I think exercising really helped with that and also cutting out caffeine. I had lots of self discipline and after a while didn’t really miss the sugar. I could satisfy sugar wants with an apple or some strawberries. Once in a while, I’d drizzle melted dark chocolate on those strawberries. 🙂

A year passed quickly and the day came. We started working on getting pregnant. Well, to be honest, it wasn’t much work. More fun than anything. *wink* It took me 3 months to get pregnant. I didn’t count days or take my temp. Just wanted to see how things went by relaxing and not thinking about it too much.

I felt great that I worked so hard for a year. I had always struggled with self esteem and body image issues. Don’t we all? I felt confident for the first time with my body. And even felt sexy in my underwear….with the lights on! 🙂

My thoughts were….I worked hard to be healthy. That meant I’d have a perfectly easy pregnancy AND delivery right? No. I was naive and probably somewhat prideful too. I guess I figured healthy people had healthy pregnancies and perfect deliveries. I guess I made that up in my head and pretty much believed it the whole pregnancy.


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  1. I am enjoying reading your journey!

  2. Cool. It’s part of my healing journey that Penny suggested….writing and going through my thought processes that led me to this point. She’s been nothing short of amazing! It’s just about to get more interesting. But things that are going through my head now wouldn’t have made much sense without the back story.

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