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Having a kid did NOT make me a morning person

I heard this probably 5 million times before I had a baby. “If you aren’t a morning person now, be prepared. Once you have kids, you have no choice. You instantly become a morning person, like it or not.”

Let’s just say I was hoping and praying to God that was NOT going to be true. I have always been a night owl and had no intentions of becoming morphed into something else. I had no desire to become acquainted with the early morning. I love my late nights. We have a wonderful relationship. Why mess it up when we have such a great thing going?

My son was born and for a while I had no idea what schedule I was on. I felt no sense of time. My days felt like nights, my nights felt like days…and that was true for how my son felt too. 🙂

After a while passed and we found our routine, my son was going to bed around 8pm. It was nice to have an evening to myself, or spend quality time with my husband. Sometimes he works late and I loved every opportunity to stay up late.

Everyone was right about one thing. Kids do wake up so darn early. In the winter time, it wasn’t that bad. I was lucky if I got to sleep until 7:30. Most of the time, I was up at 7. That was doable, although I could have easily slept until 9 or 10 everyday. When summer came, FORGET IT.

Do kids think the sun is lonely or something? During summer, my son was up at 5 am. I could nurse him back to sleep until 6 am sometimes. Most of the time we’d get up around 5:30, go downstairs to the living room. I would lay on the couch and he would play for an hour or so until Mommy wasn’t drowsy anymore. (stop judging!) And what’s with them waking up so darn chipper? LOL. It is cute I have to say, even if I’m sleepy and grumpy.

I tried, I honestly tried to like being up that early. I could even go bed early and I would still be cranky getting up at 6 am.

I hear people say that they love how quiet the house is upon waking up before everyone else. “Wake up before the kids are up and you can get so much done.” I guess I’ll just say I’m more committed to my sleep than getting things done. Who’s with me?

I’ll keep trying to like the morning. My husband will say, “It’s just a choice. Just choose to like it.” That’s easy for him to say. He likes his sleep too and he works from home so he can sleep in until 10 if he wants. He doesn’t, but still…. 🙂

If you have switched from night owl to morning glory, please share your secret with me!!! My early morning shots of espresso don’t seem to even help. Is it hopeless?

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  1. Hi Rebecca, just stumbled upon your blog… (have met you in Ann’s classes)
    So sad that you have not one reply to this inquiry! I, too, am not adjusting well to this dramatic change in wake times. Today, it was 6:30 – too early to be civil if you ask me.
    I will keep checking back to see if anyone comes forward with words of wisdom.
    I was with a group of women just tonight and was listening with extreme envy as they shared that their little ones are sleeping from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 A.M., or 9:00 P.M. – 9:30 A.M. Really? I believe them as they are very close to me… but how? How do they do it? And, why not me? Or you?
    Here’s to being up too late and getting up too early…
    Momma to River

  2. Hi Rebecca, I’m with you. I would so love to have even just one more hour of sleep in the morning. The 6AM wake up calls are brutal, though my little one’s smiling face makes it bearable. Sorry I do not have any words of wisdom for you, just commiseration.
    Momma to Anneka

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