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My story: chapter 2

One of the biggest reasons I didn’t want kids was because I thought they would get in the way. I decided I had this great purpose to live and a million goals to achieve. How on earth would I get it all done if I had to deal with kids? Babies just took so much attention. And kids seemed like a lot of work. That just wasn’t for me.

I was determined to do something with my music. And I had many other dreams. I spent a lot of time writing and composing. After attending a few of the personal development seminars, I kept being asked, “So when are you coming out with your first CD?” Oh, I said, sometime in the future. I don’t know enough right now to do it…or have the money, blah blah blah.

Here I was surrounded my these amazing people with huge dreams talking about creating their goal in 90 days. Only 90 days? How on earth were they going to do that? I needed like 9 years to record a CD. I didn’t know the right people, I didn’t have a band. But let me tell you something. When you hang out with successful people, excuses don’t fly. Not to mention, these people were on fire. Some of them were creating mind blowing success. If you find friends like this, stick around. Not maybe, but you WILL be inspired to dream bigger and more importantly, get the support to create what you want.

Anyway, so I’m sitting around talking about my music. And finally my friends keep getting in my face. “Why don’t you just make a CD instead of just talking about it?” Ummmm, ok. I should. I will do it right now. I made a goal of doing one in 3 weeks. Yeah, it was low key and not produced very well. But I did it. What was the magic? There wasn’t any. I just did it.

A few months after that, I worked for 6 months on another CD. Wrote every song and composed all the music myself. A few friends said they wanted to help fund my recording in a proper studio. And that’s what I did. It was hard work, but so worth it. I’m so proud of my 2 cds. I didn’t have a full band, or a producer, or a mixer. I started with what I had and worked forward from there.

Amidst all of my work on myself and my music, I met some incredible people. One woman I met, I will never forget. I will treasure her forever. I hung around her as much as I could asking a million questions about life and the meaning of it. This woman is making a real difference. She takes people to Africa to build water towers for villages. She helps fund orphanages to be built. She teaches teen camps in the summertime. She is a true warrior.

We had many talks. Zillions of hours of talking and I still couldn’t get enough. And then she said it, something I will never forget. Because remember, I want to be like this woman. Fly around the world building villages for refugees, raising money and building schools. And she says, “Rebecca, at the end of my life, if I question myself in wonder if I ever made a difference on the planet, I will just look at my husband. And then I will know. I absolutely no question made a difference in at least one life. And that’s his.”

I was stunned. You mean, you fly all over the world and have influenced thousands of lives and all you care about at the end of your life is that you loved your husband? That seemed like such a trivial thing. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be married and love a man with my whole heart. (and I do now) but that just seemed like a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

I still didn’t get it for a looooooong time. Shortly after that conversation I met my future husband.

….to be continued.

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