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I’m no supermom

I’m not even gonna pretend I’m a supermom. That title is reserved for those moms with more than 1 kid. or more than 2 kids. You get what I mean. I only have one kid and so I can only relate to that right now. The story will be different some day when I have more kids and thus, more on my plate. But for right now, I’ll just speak about my small dessert size plate.

Last Thursday, my son had a fever and was extremely lethargic. He may have had a virus or he may have been teething. Either way, it was not fun. I then, started feeling crappy with a sore throat. While I was walking around the lake with my ergo on, my mid back had a spasm. Later that day, I was putting my son into his carseat and I slammed my nose right into the car door. Ouch. Then later later that day, my son head butted me right in the same spot I hit my nose on the door. Double ouch. The throbbing turned into a headache.

That night, I hardly slept at all. I felt like I couldn’t swallow, no position was comfortable for my back, and my head was still throbbing. Oh, and my son decided to wake up half a dozen times. The next day, my joints were achy and I could definitely tell my body was fighting something.

Why does it all happen at once? Ugghhh. And so I realized. Supernanny doesn’t show up when I need her. My parents don’t magically show up and help out when I need them. A housecleaner doesn’t show up because I’m sick and the laundry is piling up. And what about that personal chef to make me some chicken soup? No where to be found.

Life must go on. And so I chase after my son while I struggle with a sore back and achy joints. (his fever only lasted 8 hrs) I do the laundry. I make my own chicken soup. I suck it ALL up and do it all anyway. I’m a Mom and I do this all for my family that needs me.

I battle through the thoughts that no one appreciates me and that my husband never helps. He’s doing his part and I know that. He is amazing and I appreciate him. I battle through the thoughts of why did I have a kid. Having no kids was so much easier. Duh. I know why I have a kid and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have a friend with 5 kids and I don’t know how she does it. Girl you are my hero! I hear it gets easier. Does that mean I eventually think less about myself and only focus on everyone else? Where’s the balance of taking care of self and taking care of everyone else? I bet no one really knows the answer to that but we will spend our whole lives striving to find it. and that’s really ok.

What’s that? Oh, it’s my bed calling. Time for a nap.

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