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Your sleep questions answered

We are excited to announce and welcome a new contributor to our blog, local sleep expert Rebecca Michi. She will be taking YOUR sleep questions and answering them here on our blog.

My 1 mo. old likes to be held (which is normal I’m assuming). If I put him in his crib, bouncy seat, swing, etc. when he is asleep he’ll wake back up within 5 minutes. When can I expect to start having him sleep somewhere besides my arms? How would you go about helping him with this?

This is perfectly normal. You can start getting him down on his own now. Try putting him down in the crib,swing, etc, before he is in a deep sleep. If he wakes slightly then you could try and get him back to sleep without picking him up, bounce the swing, rub his tummy, even jiggle him slightly in the crib.

Another thing you can try is swaddling, if your son likes the closeness of being snuggled against you, being swaddled may give him the same feeling.

I’m sure you son likes the smell of you. You can try and ‘wear’ the sheet/swaddle blanket before sleep time. Pop the crib sheet or swaddle blanket up your shirt for at least 30 minutes before going down to sleep.

For sleep info books what titles would you recommend?

They’re all pretty heavy duty and involve a lot of reading. Time isn’t really something you have a lot of when you’re a new Mom. I would try not to worry about books. they have a habit of making Mom’s feel inadequate.

Having said that one book I really liked when my kiddo’s were small was ” The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems (by Teaching You How to Ask the Right Questions): Sleeping, Feeding, and Behavior–Beyond the Basics from Infancy Through Toddlerhood” By Tracy Hogg.

When will my baby be on a sleeping schedule?

Just do what ever you can to survive the first 3 months. You can try to get on a 3 hr schedule. This involves feeding every 3 hrs, having a short awake time and a sleep.

What should I expect in the first weeks for sleep?

Not much sleep! Newborns sleep for almost 16 hrs a day, but they wake up often, therefor waking you often. You are unable to get into a deep sleep and don’t seem to feel restored after only sleeping in hour or two blocks. This is perfectly normal. If possible have someone who can help you occasionally by taking the baby after being fed, letting you get some sleep before the next feed.

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  1. KristiHammond says:

    Oh, I have a couple (my little chunk is almost 5mths old). 1)How do I transition from swaddle to sleep sack? She constantly takes her binky out when her hands are free which wakes her up…she has idle hands. 2)When is a good time to start letting them cry it out? She has shown me that she can do 9hrs straight and most nights she will do 6-7 hour chunk…but lately she’s been waking up every 3 hours (I think she’s teething). But, I want her to learn to put herself BACK to sleep! She is good at putting herself to sleep after all her needs have been met, but don’t want to feed her every 3 hours at night! Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Kristi – Great questions. I’ll forward them on to Rebecca for her to answer.

    If anyone else has any questions, feel free to email them to me at

    And I’ll forward them to Rebecca for answering.

    haha. Is it confusing there are 2 Rebecca’s? πŸ™‚

  3. Anya Nartker says:

    My question is regarding getting my 11 month old to sleep. Ever since he was a newborn we have bounced him (on an exercise ball) or walked him (wearing him in the Ergo) to sleep. Naps it’s the same (although the car and stroller work too).

    Now it is getting soooo tedious to do this, but I don’t know how to change it. I tried doing our Ball or Ergo techniques for a shorter while til he’s settled a bit (which can be quite the fight and take 30min) and then lying him in bed but he wakes up ready to go go go. I try to lay with him- pat him, sing, but he just starts to squirm around, stand up and tries to crawl/walk out of bed. We co-sleep (and live in a very small apartment) so I can’t leave him in a crib and just talk to him.

    I’d be happy if I could just rock him to sleep, but his energy levels are SO HIGH that part of the challenge is just trying to get him to ‘come down’ by vigorous movement of some kind. And even rocking won’t do it. He pushes on me to stand up. We try to keep lights low, quiet activity prior to getting him to sleep, but it doesn’t really make him drowsy. If we let him just get naturally drowsy it would probably be around midnight by the time he went down. We usually try between 8:30 and 9:30 pm.

    Any advice would be GREAT! We are so weary of this! Thanks!!

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