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What to do on a day like today

I see the malaise everywhere I go these days. Mamas with bundled up babies hitting the parks only to find them empty. Daddies and toddlers getting wet walking around the zoo. Summer parenting is just so fun, so easy, so carefree. I see the look on other parents’ faces these days that echoes my own: What do we DO with these guys now??

Well, have no fear. I’ve got a few ideas for you on what to do when skies are far from blue.

Sip a java while the kid runs wild–really

Hey, lounging around the coffee shop all day should not belong exclusively to students and the self-employed. There are lots of kid-friendly coffee shops in Seattle that will let your little one play while you catch up on your people watching, newspaper reading, or better yet, invite another mama and visit while your wee ones do the same. Check out our list of kid-friendly coffee shops here.

Worthy of special mentions: Mosaic Coffee, the new coffeeshop/cafe/gathering place on 2nd Ave. N.E. just off 45th in Wallingford. They’ve got a huge dedicated playroom with a door that shuts and its own couches for big and little visitors. All prices are determined by you (seriously!) though they will give you guidance if you need it. Firehouse Coffee in Ballard also has a seperate playroom with a door that shuts. There are a few little tables in the room that let you sit ringside. Plus, they serve Cafe Vita. Yum!

Take in a flick

This might be a slightly better idea for those with teeny babies who will just snooze in your arms the whole time. I never did this before Q got mobile, and I really wish I had. Your best options are special baby and tots screenings, or to attend an area theater with a cry room.

Every Thursday at 10 a.m., the Lincoln Square Cinemas in Bellevue hosts a presentation specifically designed for parents and babies called “Mother’s Days Thursdays.” The theater also has in-seat concession service.

Kirkland Parkplace Cinemas holds special “baby’s day at the movies” screenings every other Friday at 9:45 a.m. for parents and tots. Babies and toddlers are free. Double check with the theater for times and screenings before you go.

Here on this side of Lake Washington, there are several theaters with special baby rooms that are soundproofed from the rest of the theater. Each seats a limited number of people, so you’ll want to go early, but the good news is you could go to any screening in that auditorium, making things a little less frantic if baby decides to take an uber nap or bless you with a major blowout just as you’re trying to leave the house. More on theaters with cry rooms: Varsity, Guild 45th, Metro Cinemas.

Support the arts

The Seattle Art Museum is a fun place to wander, and they have a cafe and a great playroom for kids. The Children’s Museum at Seattle Center is also a great spot on rainy days. Or you could check out EMP, the Wing Luke Museum, the Museum of Flight or the Pacific Science Center. Both the Children’s Museum and the Pacific Science Center have sections designed especially for older babies and toddlers.

Hit the water

The outdoor pools and wading pools are all closed for the season. But the city has several indoor pools that are just warming up. If you have a younger baby (I would say nine months or younger), you will want to hit a warmer pool, or one with a warm tub, like the Ballard Pool. The best indoor pool in the area is the Mountlake Terrace Pool, with shallow swimming areas, the warmest temperature, and even a little slow river that’s perfect for tiny swimmers. Check out info on other Seattle pools here.

Read me a story

Several area libraries have special story times for babies (0-12 months) and for toddlers (1-3) and for preschoolers (3-5 year olds) though all kids are welcome to all readings. There are also bilingual play times available at many of the branches. Check out SPL’s story time calendar here.

The zoo has rainy day fun, too…

The Woodland Park Zoo has a great indoor play area called Zoomazium (with daily puppet shoes and other activities), and the zoo has a few other covered exhibits and activities that are fun to do on rainy days. Park on Phinney Avenue and walk to the zoo’s new West entrance. From there, you are a quick walk from the penguins, the indoor carousel, the Zoomazium and the food pavillion. Did I mention they have a coffee shop there as well that sells Cafe Vita? Yum.

Get more ideas from MomsAlive

You can use our activities link on the top of the page to find more Rainy Day ideas, including shopping, mom and baby yoga and more. You can also search for activities by neighborhood. We are working on adding new places all the time. Please let us know if there are other places we should know about, or new places you’ve seen and want us to check out!

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