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If I earned a salary as a stay at home Mom

The realization hit me the other day. What if I were paid to be a stay at home Mom? I wonder what my salary would be? I’m not talking about starting a home business or telecommuting. But how many jobs do I do? What’s the value of a Mom? A wife? Our spouses will say they appreciate us. They value our work at home. But what if we could put a number on it?

Every year, Forbes publishes the list of the richest people in the world. It’s always amazing to me to see what they say people are “worth”.  And of course, they are only talking about money. Rich. Wealth. Success. Abundance. What do all these words really mean? Who is the most successful? Who decides this and what are the parameters they measure success by? If you read any of these lists every year, it is based on money and status, or position. But does the average person really define success by the amount of money we make? I don’t.

For one year, I would like to see a stay at home mom be #1 on the list of most successful and richest people. Because we are. No one gives us a paycheck for what we do. Hardly anyone ever recognizes us or shows their appreciation. Where is the honor and respect for all the Moms in the world doing the hardest job every day that could ever possibly exist? (Ok maybe being an Army Ranger or Navy Seal is harder.)

So what do we do in a day that we could get paid for? Let’s see….we are…
– Full time cooks
– Full time housekeepers
– full time teachers
– Trainers
– Coaches
– Chauffers
– Activity directors
– Caretakers
– Negotiators
– Security
– Servers
– Pyschologists
– Therapists

That’s just to name a few. What about the time we take teaching our kids core values and ethics? Such as love, kindness, gentleness, self control? Right from wrong? What category does all that fall under?

I’m not going to calculate the exact salaries for each position. But let’s take a guess. Say each of these jobs in the real world makes a salary of $30k/ year. That means that the stay at home Mom should be paid at least $390,000/year for doing ALL of these things.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing at home. Should I really be out there in the workforce pulling my weight for my household? NO. (I just speak for myself here.) Everyday I wake up (and even all night I’m on duty), I have the most important job in the world….raising a son. Teaching another human being how to live, how to “be” in the world. 

Yeah, so the world doesn’t recognize our value. So what? That doesn’t CHANGE or diminish our value. It’s hard sometimes for me to “self honor”, to recognize the hard work I put in day in and day out and feel great about it. I’m extremely motivated by recognition (and not the self recognition kind) so it’s good for me to write this out and look at it in this way.

A different perspective sometimes is all we need to see what’s there right in front of us, what’s truly been there all along. You can’t really place a price on our value……but just so you know, we will accept flowers and diamonds anytime. 🙂

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  1. Oh how I wish I could stay at home with my son! It definitely is a full time job, but with the economy the way it is my husband doesn’t get as much work as he use to. I am helping bring in some income until we are comfortable again… so I can stay home with my boy!

    You are so lucky you don’t have to go out of your household to take on another job!! We would be barely scraping by if I stayed home! My day will come… hard work always pays off! Until then I will continue to read your blog and live vicariously through you!

    Keep on blogging!

  2. Well I have gone through my own struggle of returning to work vs. staying at home. At since January of this year, I would have been back to work in a flash (because of the economic struggles hitting our business also) except for the fact that I don’t have a career to go back to. If I were a doctor or teacher or really anything where I made a good wage, I probably would have been forced to go back because of financial reasons. But because of the high cost of childcare in Seattle, it honestly wouldn’t help for me to return to work.

    Of course, I don’t mind staying home at all. 🙂

    We’re going through rough times everywhere and I admire you for doing what you need to do for your family to get through it. Way to go girl!

    And your day will definitely come! Hang in there.

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