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Hungry Monkey

As my son approached 5 months, he started staring at my food. I really had no idea when they could start eating real food. I figured I would just breastfeed and then figure it out as I went. In my Moms class, I kept hearing that exclusive breastfeeding was best at least until 6 months….at that was my plan for sure. It is also recommended to wait until 6 months to start solids because of possible allergies.

Ann Keppler offers a “First Foods” seminar a few times a year and I made plans to attend it right about when my son would be 6 months. As the 6 mo mark approached closer and closer, I got excited about giving him real food. It was hard keep my sons hands away from grabbing things on my plate. He looked at my food with a lustful stare at every meal. I almost began to feel bad for the kid, like it was some sort of torture he was enduring by not being able to eat. No, that’s only us moms when we can’t go get a scoop of salted caramel ice cream at Molly Moons on a hot summer day….or any day. ha.

We attended the First Foods seminar with pen in hand and paper to write everything down. Ann was amazing and had done tons of research to be able to give us all the most recent evidence-based information. It was informative and fun.

I had also heard about the book “Hungry Monkey” by Matthew Amster-Burton, a 33 yr old Seattle based former food critic now SAHD. I picked it up at B&N and began to read. This book is a must read before you start solids. It was a hilarious journey of how he began solids for his daughter (now 4, I think). It has great tips, yummy recipes, and tons of funny stories. Can you tell I highly recommend this book? Lol.

With the information I learned at the foods seminar mixed with Hungry Monkey tips fresh on my mind, I plunged into the unknown world of pureed pears and carrots. I was ambitious and decided to make my own baby food. I highly recommend this also. It is super easy. I would make up a big batch of something in the food processor. Freeze a bunch of it and put the rest in the frig in containers. I love the Baby Cubes. They work great in frig or freezer…and later you can use them to freeze herbs.

You can find many books on food recipes and combinations but really you can just experiment yourself. I’ll do some follow-up posts on recipes to make and fun food combos.

If you are on the run and looking for baby food to go, we love these brands:
HappyBaby Organics
– Plum Organics
Ella’s Kitchen Organics
Sprout Organics

Some of these come in a container that you can just squeeze, therefore eliminating the need for a spoon. Very handy when out and about.

I always looked forward to meal time with my son especially when he was trying out food for the first time. I loved seeing his expressions when he tasted new things. And then of course, there was the crazy and loud arm banging on the table accompanied by loud shrieking screams that even neighbors 2 blocks away could probably hear. After he started doing that when he wanted more food, we taught him how to do the sign for communicating he wanted more. (only took him about 2 weeks to get it too.)

Now he’s grinding steak between his molars and eating grilled asparagus. I love my little hungry monkey!

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  1. Hungry Monkey was such a great book!! 🙂 And solids are totally fun 🙂 I love getting to share food with my oldest, and am totally looking forward to the day #2 can start in on purees myself 😀

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