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Fishing with my boys…goodbye summer

My Dad went into retirement last year. The DAY he was packing and loading the truck to move across the state was the day I went into labor. Pretty funny timing. He and my stepmom now live right on a lake about an hour north of Spokane. He’s pretty happy. His day consists of sleeping in, drinking coffee, fishing, working on projects around the house, swimming, fishing, and probably more house projects.

We grew up going fishing all the time. I have 2 older brothers. They always got to go off by themselves and fish but I always followed my Dad around everywhere. I watched him fish, but I got to carry the fish. Ok, it was a big deal to me back then. Then when I was in 4th grade, we moved to a bigger city and didn’t fish anymore. I’ve gone camping since then but not fishing.

When my Dad said he was retiring to a cabin on a lake, I knew EXACTLY what he’d be doing. Fishing. Sounded good to me too. I hadn’t been fishing in like 15 years at least. I couldn’t WAIT for our first trip to the lake to visit….but of course, I had a newborn now. How was I gonna go fishing with a newborn? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. After all, my son would soon be out fishing on the boat with Papa anyway. Might as well introduce him early.

We took him to visit when he was only 8 weeks old. hehe. It was a lot of fun. Been back many times since but that first trip will be in my memory forever. Here is a photo journey of our fishing excursions.

Heading out for our first fishing trip. Got our poles, our worms, and the little peanut.

Thanks to our support team, AKA Nana, I got to fish with 2 hands. LOL. It can be done with one though….see below.

Ladies, who says you can’t have it all? I’m fishing AND breastfeeding. I was worried what was gonna happen if I got a fish on the line though. haha. Good thing my Dad was close because….one minute later….

YAHOOOOOO. My first trout in a looooong time. I love fishing. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. And super fun when you catch a fish on the line and you have to wrestle with it to reel it in.

Just LOVE summertime and being out on the water with my hubby, son and my Dad. Good times.

Cuddles on the boat with Papa.

An evening of fishing and the little man is still awake…I thought for sure the rocking of the boat would put him to sleep. I guess it was all the hollering and laughing we were doing while we caught all the fish. We can get a little crazy.

Oh yeah, for the diehards (that’s my Dad for sure, and me the wanna-be), there is also the 4am fishing excursion. This wasn’t all that hard to get up for. After all, I’m breastfeeding an 8 week old. A 4am waking is standard in my schedule now. It was SO beautiful on the lake when the sun came up. And it was eerily quiet.

Ahhhh, there is the sun. It was a little chilly. But so beautiful. Did I say that already? Good times Dad. I just love these times with you! The fishing is just a bonus.

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