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Expecting and then later….surrender

One HUGE thing I wish I could have really understood and grasped 15 months ago is this….nothing goes the way you plan. Just relax and go with the flow. Surrender to your baby’s schedule, to their flow, to their needs, to their development.

I’ve never been a real planner or uptight person. So I’m not the type that plans every little detail out. However, I do have to say that when I wake up in the morning, I have things I want to do, housework I want to get done, errands I want to run, activities to enjoy.

When I first got home with my newborn, I was pretty relaxed. We chilled at home and got to know one another. I went out here and there for groceries or to buy more jammies. and went to the occasional playdate….ok the frequent playdates. I didn’t have much on my agenda other than have fun and figure out life with a new baby.

Then after a few months, life seems to get more structured. The baby is settling into nap times every day and certain feeding times. He’s sorta going to the bed at the same time. I know what to expect by now right? WRONG!!!

I seriously feel that EVERY time I started to get schedule going, my son changed it up. Is he trying to keep me on my toes? Is he doing this on purpose? Ha. Well, of course, he’s not doing it on purpose, like he has this plan to make my life difficult or something. Nope. He’s just a baby.

He’s developing and changing seemingly at the speed of light. As soon as he has one thing down, he learns something new. As soon as we get nighttime sleep figured out, he gets 2 teeth. And then we recover from that, and he gets his first cold. ahhhhhhh.

This happens daily too. I schedule something midday because he sleeps in the morning at around 9ish and then again around 2pm-ish. That morning he decides to sleep in, forgo the morning nap and what do you know? Now he wants to sleep at 11am-1pm. Right when I had something else scheduled. 🙂 It’s happened so many times, it’s really funny now. In those early days, it seemed like he had some magical beacon that knew when I had something planned. Those days were always the days that things didn’t go the way “I thought” they would go.

This is now common practice. I don’t expect a perfect schedule anymore. I gave that up a while ago. I have no idea when exactly he naps. It seems to be different all the time.

I now have a “to do” list that is much more broad…like I just write a list for the week, instead of the day. One day, I may get nothing done and I’m fine with that now. Another day, he may take an epic nap (or two) and I have hours to myself.

I like this surrender thing. It’s much more peaceful than expecting things to go a certain way…and then being anxious when things change. Life is more spontaneous now and it’s working well that way.

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  1. Wow, this post is eerily timely for me. I just spent the entire day irritated with sky’s unpredictableness.

    Thanks for the reminder to just surrender! That’s definitely the ticket.

  2. I guess we’re just connected like that. 😉

    M is transitioning to one nap from two and I’m having to remind myself to surrender probably 100 times a day.

  3. Wait until you have two!! Haha. Schedule? Plans? They don’t exist!

  4. I know huh? One is probably nothing to handle compared to 2. But what about those that have 3 or 4…or how about 7 kids? I don’t know how they do it!

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