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Taking inventory

Part of why I created this blog was to have a place where I could vent about life experiences with a baby. Sometimes I want to write about something, but then fear what people will think. Or wonder why anyone would care to read it. I guess that defeats the purpose I set out for….to have a place to vent, regardless if anyone reads it. Secondary to my main purpose is that something I write may help someone else.

Times are super tough for our family right now. Most of it, I don’t want to talk about. I think if I did, I would be focusing too much on the negative. I realize that all I have choices all day long what I’m going to focus on. Our thoughts determine our actions. If I’m thinking negatively all day, that’s going to affect our household. It affects my son and also everyone I come into contact with that day.

The struggle is to think about positive things. Trust me. It’s hard to find the positives lately. I’ve decided to make a list. And then when I’m feeling down and struggling with my self talk, I can reference my list quickly.

“Positive things” Inventory

- My health
- My husband and son’s health
- I have a loving and committed husband
- My son adores me and smiles and laughs all day long
- It’s summer and beautiful outside
- My flowers are in bloom and they are beautiful to see everyday
- I live close to Greenlake and since I have no backyard, it makes for a lot of convenient trips to the park so the little one can roam free in the grass
- My hubby and I have nice bikes and we take the kiddo out for bike rides in a trailer. Fun summer thing to do that’s free!
- There are lots of cool beaches and parks to bike to that are close
- I have a roof over my head
- Frig is full of food
- I have clothes to wear
- Warm and cozy bed to sleep in
- We have a dependable car (that’s also fun to drive)
- I have wonderful supportive and caring friends

I’m sure there is much more I have to be grateful for. That’s a quick list I just came up with today. And it will work for now.

What do you have that you can focus on instead of the negative things? We have so many things to be grateful for if you truly look.

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