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Pick your own berries

Last week a dear friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go pick some blueberries. Since that is my 14 mo old’s favorite food, I said Yes of course. And it sounded really fun. To make me even more excited for this adventure, I learned that we were going to a Blueberry farm in Bellevue. In Bellevue? I seriously thought for sure we would be driving to Arlington or North Bend.

But it’s true. There is a blueberry farm right off I-90 on Bellevue Way. It’s called Overlake Blueberry Farm. We met there and got right to picking. You have to give them your ID to get a bucket. Then they tell you what rows are ripe and open for pickin. We headed right out with the kiddos on our back. I practically felt like I was skipping, I was so excited to pick blueberries.

We went out quite far into the bushes to try and get the best picking. After a few minutes, I put my son on the ground to crawl around. He looked very intrigued. I started out with my bucket on the ground but soon learned that I would have no berries to take home if I left it there. He had quickly figured out what we were doing and the gold mine hiding in the bucket. =) So I showed him how to pick the berries right from the bush. Wish I had gotten a picture of that! He was so darn cute. He stayed right at one bush and must have eaten everything in sight….ripe and not ripe. Ewww.

Next thing I knew, I had a huge mosquito bite on my right arm. And a few minutes after that, my friend also noticed quite a large number of mosquitos hanging around. I hadn’t thought to bring my bug spray so we were unprotected. We decided to call it a day after about 30 min of picking. Thought it best to come back armed with repellent….and I will go back.

The farm also carried lots of fresh local produce for great prices. I grabbed Rainier Cherries that were only like $2/lb. That’s a screaming deal for rainiers.

It was so much fun even though we came home with a few bites. There are lots of You Pick Berry farms in the Seattle area and beyond. Yes, most are further out of town, but not that far. Overall it was a fun and new experience and a great one to add to the list of Summer activities.

I also hear from other local Moms that Bryant Blueberry Farm is great too. They have a play area for kids with a sandbox and little playground.

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  1. Remlinger’s in Carnation is awesome, too. But it is a bit further afield!

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