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Camping with the boy

When I was young, camping trips were just a part of our life. We didn’t go on vacations, we went camping. And often. Although, I’ve lived in many states, a lot of the younger years were spent in Montana and Wyoming. We took off for the mountains almost every weekend, where we fished, hiked, and explored. I have so many wonderful memories of those days….and then I became a city girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

A few years ago, my husband and I went on a 35 day road trip camping in 10 different states. It was quite the adventure. This excited me to get back into camping. I never thought I’d be able to camp with a baby or a kid, but after I had my son I couldn’t wait to try it. (Here is where a lot of my friends laugh and think I’m absolutely crazy.) I’m not. It’s just my life and I get to decide how to live it.

Last week, my Dad and Stepmom took off for the Washington coast and landed in Ocean Shores. They got a campsite at Ocean City state park and invited us to come out and camp for a few nights. I thought this would be the perfect chance to “try” camping with a 1 yr old. We weren’t investing a lot to try camping so I figured if it went horribly wrong, we could always take off and drive home early.

We ended up finding a 4 person tent at a garage sale the week before we went. That was a great find. (we only had a 2 person tent before and I wasn’t sure how we would fit all of us in there.) After that problem was solved, I felt more at ease.

We packed our car and took off….and our car was PACKED. We got there and unloaded. Set up tent. Blow up air mattress. Put out sleeping bags. Put up pack n play. We’re golden. My Dad was already there and the fire was raging. Louise made the food so I also didn’t have to worry about that. Of course, Magnus was immediately in the dirt.

the wood pile

He was in heaven. Now I realize this would be different experience for a girl?? Maybe girls wouldn’t be so quite fascinated by all the trees, dirt, leaves, sticks, and crawly things. haha. The one awesome thing I did was bring a pair of pants I had bought a while back that are those athletic pants. The kind that are almost waterproof. We kept him in jeans and then put these pants over his jeans. That way he could get dirty all he wanted, and the dirt didn’t stick to his pants. Great idea.

walking laps

We brought his walker toy and that was really all we needed. He did laps around our campsite with that thing. (he has started walking but still timid.) He tried to throw sticks in the fire, just like his Papa does, but of course, we didn’t let him. So finally my Dad took all the wood and made a wood pile for him about 10 feet from the fire. He must have stood there and played with the wood pile for hours. Stack and restack.

I was a little nervous about sleeping. We ended up having to go to sleep with him at night. When it got dark, we all went to bed together. I didn’t mind that so much. He slept right in between us, which was kinda weird at first because we’ve never coslept with him. After a few hours, I relaxed and fell asleep. The second night we all slept great and I really enjoyed his cuddling.

cool starfish

We had sightseeing planned during the day. Went to the jetty and walked on the beach. Saw seals and beautiful bright starfish. Picked up shells and ate yummy clam chowder. Played horsehoes. Sat around the fire and talked.

One other great thing I’ll mention is our Chicco hook on chair I brought with us. It’s the one we use at home, but even if you don’t use this as a primary highchair, it’s really handy to travel with. It worked awesome with the picnic table we had in our campsite.

I highly recommend going camping with your kids. You’ll get dirty, smelly, and have SO MUCH FUN. Life seemed so simple when we were camping. Sleep, eat, hang out, talk and have fun. The campground we stayed was beautiful, well maintained, and one of the best I’ve ever camped at. There were tons of big trees so you were insulated from a lot of the other sites. It was pretty quiet. We were just a short walk from the beach and just a short drive from Ocean Shores.

On a side note: It took me 3 times of washing his hair to get the camp fire smell out of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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