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Breastfeeding Favs

Let’s talk about breastfeeding. I just wrote a post on how to find breastfeeding support. So what else is there?

Here are some of my breastfeeding favs:

– I loved the nursing tanks you can find at target. Only $17 and they come in a few colors. I wore these tanks ALL the time.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has some fantastic breastfeeding support products. I personally loved their Nipple Butter. You can find their products online but they also carry some of them at Babies R Us, PCC, and Whole Foods.

Breast Pads. What were your favorite? I thought the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads were my favorites. A friend of mine just suggested the Simply Lily – Lily pads. Check em out.

Nursing covers – Of course, where would we be without our Hooter Hiders? LOL. These were great for nursing in public.

Books – I personally benefited tremendously from the book “Nursing Mothers Companion” by Kathleen Huggins. I know there are quite a few great nursing books out there. Which one is your favorite? Please share.

– Info online – What would I have done without the resource of I don’t know. Find evidence based information on breastfeeding. I remember I came down with really bad allergies while I was visiting family in Colorado. I didn’t have my docs phone # with me so I wasn’t sure what medicines I could take while nursing. I remembered and looked up on the site to find a complete listing of what you can take while nursing and what’s not safe. That totally saved me!!!!

What products did you love?

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  1. I like Ina May’s BF book and thick, bamboo nursing pads were my favorite reusable (w those Lansinoh a close second for disposable). I got my bamboo ones on amazon (mamas helper was the shop or something) and I ended up with, like, 20 pairs they were so great.

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