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A sad reminder

The news of a Dallas mom and the tragic sudden death of her baby girl has rocked my world upside down. Her gorgeous daughter, who just turned one a few weeks ago and who just started walking, died after choking on a piece of food right in front of her just a few days before.

You can read her blog and baby Margot’s story. As a mom myself, I can’t even comprehend this mother’s loss and the depth of the pain she must be feeling. I admit I think something like this could never happen to my child, but it really could happen to anyone.

I share with all of you not to spread the sadness, but to increase awareness. Please take a CPR class and be thorough in your baby proofing. Be careful when your child is eating and always keep your eye on them. We need to be responsible Mothers and protect our children the best that we can. I know Margot’s mommy did all she could for her daughter. Her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Kiss your kids and kiss them again!

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