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The Family

Not sure what your situation is like, but here is mine. We live in Seattle but our family is spread across the country. When I thought about having a baby, I didn’t have ideas of dropping him off at the Grandparents house. Why? Because they don’t live close and that would be a loooong drive just for a date night.

I knew it would tough after I brought baby home. My husband works from home so I am super blessed by that. He was a big help after the birth, especially with it being a c-section after 32 hrs of labor. But after a week, he did have to get to work. My sister-in-law did come out for a week after the birth to help out a bit. She got here and immediately started vacuuming and cleaning. Yeah, the house was a bit dirty. She was a huge help!

After the birth, I got a call from a lady at my church saying that they had arranged meal deliveries for 2 weeks. That really touched my heart. I think they lasted longer than that too because everyone brings casseroles. Can you say leftovers?

My friends that lived 45 min away came over and brought their pack n play and a crib mattress. I went into labor 11 days early and I didn’t have a crib mattress yet. (It was on the way.) That was super helpful!

I’ve moved a lot in my life and was never really close to family other than my immediate. Now it seems to be a similar situation for my new family. I’ve spent lots of time being jealous of those around me that can just “drop off” the baby for a few hours break or call for Mom to come over and lend a hand. I don’t have someone like that.

I still struggle with those thoughts from time to time but I realize that I have an amazing group of people I go to Church with that would do anything for me if I called them on a moments notice. And I have a circle of friends that is the same way. Some I talk to more than others. Some I hardly see anymore since the baby was born. But regardless, the love and support is still there and would be at my doorstep anytime.

Since my son was born, I’ve also met an amazing group of Moms. It’s funny how much I love their babies. I would lay my life down for any of them in a heartbeat, just like I would for my own son. I’m a part of a Moms email list in my neighborhood and that’s also been a great support.

The bottom line is this. It doesn’t matter if family is close or far away. Your circle of friends can be your family of choice. Now that you are a Mom (or about to be), you have a HUGE new network of support now. Find a Moms group near you and make some friends. Go to a class with your baby. Go to the park and talk to other moms playing with their kids. You will find you belong, they can relate, you are not alone, and there is an abundance of support out there.

So welcome to The Family.

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