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No bugs (or bites) allowed

We recently visited my Dad in Eastern Washington and as most of you know, in the summertime heat if you are going to be outside in the evening, you will probably have to battle those annoying mosquitoes. On our agenda at my Dad’s house, which is on a lake north of Spokane, was hang by the fire and make smores, fish on the lake, watch the fireworks on the 4th from the boat, and take a few hikes. Well not only do I hate mosquito bites myself, I was more concerned about my 13 month old.

With the options being my Dad’s can of OFF full of toxic chemicals such as DEET, and getting who knows how many bites, I chose to do some research on a more natural approach. I found some great products out there that are safer to use on kids and adults too. The one I ended up buying was by All Terrain. Here is the link to the bug repellent. It was even on sale at Whole Foods for like $6. I sprayed it liberally on my sons skin and clothes (and myself of course). Didn’t get one bite the whole weekend and we were outside constantly. I’m pretty happy with it and I think I even won over my Dad. He even said, “Wow, this smells nice and makes my hands so soft.” HA.

I found this great article at PCC Natural Markets on the ingredients used in the natural bug repellents. Instead of writing it all out here, I will just post the link to the article and you can read it there. Please watch what you are putting on your skin….and your kids. A natural alternative can work just as great and be the same price. Do the research and give it a chance.

Let us know what your favorite natural bug repellent is in the comments section. Some brands I know of are:

– Badger
– Earths Best
– Burts Bees
All Terrain
– Quantum
– California Baby

You can find most or all of these brands at PCC natural markets and Whole Foods.

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