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Breastfeeding support

As we all set out on the new adventure called Mommyhood, most of our very first moments are spent testing out the new relationship of breastfeeding with our newborns. Will they immediately know what to do? Will they struggle with the latch? Do I even know what to do?

I read a lot about breastfeeding before I had my baby. I heard my childbirth teacher, Penny Simkin, teach us on the importance of it and what obstacles may come and how to overcome them. I felt prepared. Then I had my son. WHOH. I feel that I innately knew what to do, however after 32 hrs of hard labor and then a last minute C-section, I was still exhausted. Running on no sleep for 3 days, drugged up on pain pills, and hardly able to move in my hospital bed due to a bruised lung, I wasn’t sure if I could handle anything else. I was half tempted to start on the bottle right away. BUT then I remembered why I wanted to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding under a tree in the park

Thankfully the nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital helped me out. They were great teachers and so patient. After going home with baby, I felt confident and reassured I could handle all things breastfeeding. It was not smooth sailing all the time. I had challenges but compared to some, mine weren’t all that bad. Sore nipples, a plugged milk duct, supply issues. When I hit my first obstacle, I knew I had to get support. Otherwise, I’d probably have given up. I went to Breastfeeding 911 at Birth and Beyond and got some great feedback from the lactation consultants.

If you are able to go to this drop in class, then great. Here are some other great breastfeeding support resources.

Meetings & Consulting

  • Breastfeeding 911 in Seattle at Birth and Beyond ($10 drop in class)
  • La Leche League meeting in your area
  • Call the local Birth and Beyond Breastfeeding services line between the hours of 9am -6pm at 206-615-8078 (free to call)
  • Call the National Women’s Health Center hotline: 1-800-994-9662 (free to call)
  • Find a local lactation consultant here

Read articles and find information at:

Feel free to share any additional resources you may know of that we missed.

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