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From wrap to cart

I ended up having an unplanned last minute C-section. Of course it was not what I expected so I had no idea what the recovery would be like. I had one friend that had been through it before and I knew you weren’t allowed to walk much or do stairs or exercise for 6 weeks.

When they sent me home from the hospital, one of the last things they had told me was that I couldn’t drive for a while. WHAT? That is a very important thing. How would I get to the First Weeks class? Sheesh. The rule was that once I felt like I could slam on my brakes without feeling any pain, then I was cleared to go. BUT wait, one more thing….I wasn’t allowed to lift the baby carrier out of the car. WHAT? seriously? This was going to be a challenge.

I was at the grocery store the other day and started thinking back to those first trips by myself out of the house with my son. And I thought of all the ways I made it through the grocery store with a newborn. It was quite interesting to remember it all.

My first trip to the grocery store went like this. I wasn’t allowed to take in the baby carrier. Where would I put it anyway? So I clumsily put on my Moby wrap outside my car. (It took me a while to get good at the Moby.) Put my newborn in my Moby and threw the diaper bag over my shoulder. It went pretty well except that I got inside to discover I forgot my grocery list. *sigh*

I was finally cleared to lift the carrier. YIPPEE. The next trip to get food I thought I’d take the whole carrier inside. I shop at Whole Foods and their carts are a little smaller than Fred Meyer. The carrier took up so much space I hardly had room for groceries. LOL. (wasn’t going to do that again.)

A few weeks later, we bought an Ergo. I was excited that this would work better. My friend even taught me how to nurse him WHILE he was in the Ergo. That meant if we were shopping, I didn’t have to run to find a place to nurse. VERY excited about this….I have to say it was much easier to use the Ergo after he was big enough to not use the infant insert. That thing was kind of annoying. The Ergo worked great at the store for a long time!

FINALLY fast forward a bit….now he can sit in the cart by himself. I probably put him in there a little soon because I was so excited that it meant some sort of new independance for me. haha. I would fasten the buckle so tight that it helped hold him up. LOL. This was my favorite stage because then came the crazy stage.

Ergo or grocery cart…..I was standing next to the tomatoes one day grabbing some garlic. I looked over to see Magnus reaching for tomatoes one a time and dropping them on the floor. Were we really at this stage already? I thought only wild 3 yr olds did that?!?? I picked them up and sighed. Now I had to remember, “Watch out for the wild arms.”

Now when we go to the store, he still sits in the cart and reaches for things. Most of the time, it’s things in the cart that he wants. He likes to turn all the way around and grab things below. Not the funnest when I have flowers in the cart below. 🙂 I finally started bribing him in stores with snacks. Grab a string cheese for them to eat or a piece of fruit.

In fact, a lot of stores have a program for kids that allow them to eat a snack from the store for free. At PCC Natural markets, the Kids Club allows them one piece of fruit. (pick an expensive one, although I don’t think they would allow a pineapple to count. LOL) At Whole Foods, you have to register them for the Kids Club. The free items range from fruit to string cheese.

Happy Shopping.

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  1. I went through a long period where shopping with Quinn was not fun. She just got so bored in her front pack and so I could only take like 15 minutes before total meltdown. I ended up doing lots of grocery orders and I would recommend Spud and Amazon Fresh though both are a bit pricier than Whole Foods/PCC/Ballard Market etc.

    Over the last few months, we’ve returned to shopping in the store. Q loves sitting in the cart now, though I still usually have to shift her into the Beco after about 30 minutes (I no longer get to dawdle over my choices, that’s for sure!) I find that grabbing one of those little squeeze-up baby food things (like Ella’s or Plum Organics at Whole Foods) really helps. She’ll suck on that for a while and make a mess, but it works. She also loves helping me smell all of the melons; that’s fun!

    For some reason, nothing makes me feel more like a mom than tooling through the grocery store with a baby in my cart!

  2. That’s great to know about the fruit a PCC! Do you just give it a wipe or a polish?

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