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Forget the kiddie pool

The results are in on which Seattle wading pools will be full of giggling, wriggling little wet bodies this summer and which will sit empty and forlorn.

Thanks to a very tight budget and federal requirements on drains which necessitated repairs, nine wading pools will be closed for the whole summer:

Beacon Hill, GeorgeTown, Gilman, Highland Park, Peppi’s Playground, Powell Barnett, Ravenna, Sandel and View Ridge.

I live less than a block from one of those pools, and I’m very bummed to hear they won’t be finishing their repairs as planned! I love the idea of walking to my wading pool, but guess I’ll just have to enjoy it as a giant cement bowl instead.

Nine will be open three days a week (those are: Bitter Lake, Cal Anderson, Dahl, Delridge, E. C. Hughes,  East Queen Anne, Hiawatha, South Park, Soundview and Wallingford), and five will be open every day (Greenlake, Magnuson, Lincoln, Van Asselt and Volunteer Park).

The pools all open between June 26 and June 30. Some will be open through September and others will close in August. Check schedules and get more info here.

Hat tip to Greenlake Moms.

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  1. Bummer! Maybe next year?

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