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Countdown to 1

Tomorrow is the big day. My son turns the big 1. I’m feeling all kinds of different emotions. The past year has been an adventure and one of the most thrilling and joyous years of my life.

The past few days we were at my Dad’s in Eastern Washington. He’s retired and spends most of his days working on projects for the house and yard and FISHING. Although the weather was not the best, we took the baby out on the boat for some fishing. It was so much fun. It wasn’t the ideal conditions for catching trout but I did catch 2 brown trout that were pretty good size.

After I reeled the first one in and my Dad brought it in the boat, Magnus just looked at it flopping around on the boat floor. His eyes were open wide in amazement as the fish flopped and sprayed water all over him. Then my Dad picked up the trout and shoved it in his face almost mouth to mouth. Magnus flapped his arms and squealed with delight. I know he wanted to play with it. Ha.

I put my line back in the water with Magnus on my lap. He kept grabbing the pole and shaking it like he was ready to reel in another fish. He looked at me and then my Dad. I know he was expecting another one….but you can’t catch fish on command. And of course, this little one doesn’t understand waiting and patience yet. So maybe he’s not ready to fish himself quite yet…..But it was sure fun having him on my lap while I caught a few.

I’m not sure what he enjoyed more, seeing the fish flap around on the boat floor or watching the water out the back of the boat as we flew across the lake at high speeds. I’m looking forward to the time he can stand and hold his own pole and learn how to fish for himself. These were memories I will cherish forever.

This has been such a fun age. From 6 months to now, his personality has exploded into full force. He makes new discoveries and many new expressions every day. I take time every day to watch him and take it all in. Right now, he is in love with Balls. He can sit in the living room or kitchen and play with a ball for an hour or more. He loves to throw it, crawl after it and throw it again. Every time he launches it, a little scream of excitement comes out at the same time. And every time, it makes me laugh.

I’ve heard so much advice during the first year. Much of it has been helpful. Some of it I’ve tossed away. The best advice I’ve heard that I will pass on to you as we are ending this first year is to just slow down and enjoy your baby. Cleaning can wait.

You will look back later and realize how much the little things you thought mattered really weren’t that important. So remember to be in the present. All you have is today. Laugh with them, hold them tight, and love them wholly.

Happy Birthday Magnus!!!! We love you today and will love you forever.

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