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Good Fats for Babies

It smells like fish, but it’s actually brain food.

How many of us had have heard for years that FAT IS BAD. Thanks to the media and to the medical community, we, the public, have bought into this concept hook, line and sinker. Fortunately, the truth will never be held back, and just in time too since this dead wrong notion has caused needless diseases and deaths. I have your attention now don’t I? That’s right, I said death. Let me elaborate.

It all started with saturated fat. We have been trained to think that fat forms a coating around the inside of our arteries like the drain pipe of your shower. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. From here, this whole war on fat thing has spun out of control. FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY! The problem is that the powers that be -the ones in charge of our sick care system- failed to explain that fat not only is good for us but also is essential for the body’s survival.

There is one form of fat that is particularly important. The fat I am referring to is Omega 3 fat that is contained within fish. These fats are so important that their presence, or lack thereof, can literally be the difference between life and death. There is another form of fat that is so lethal that it can be held as one of the deadliest chemicals on the planet: Trans fat. Trans fat didn’t used to be deadly. It takes super heating oil or chemically altering oil to change it from an essential form of fat to a deadly form of fat. This form of oil is used to fry foods as well as to preserve boxed/packaged food.

Here is some research about fat for you to chew on:

1. One additional serving of French fries per week for children ages 3-5 increased the adult risk of breast cancer by 27%. (International Journal of Cancer, Aug, 2005)

2. One additional serving of industrially raised ground beef for children ages 3-5 was associated with a 44% increase of adult breast cancer. (International Journal of Cancer, Aug, 2005)

3. The daily intake of 5g of trans fat is associated with a 25% increase in heart disease. (The New England Journal of Medicine, April 13, 2006)

4. Adequate biological approaches indicate that drug therapies must yield to diet therapies particularly treatments involving omega 3 fatty acid. Yet, the evidence keeps being ignored in many areas of medicine and psychiatry. (Acta Biotheoretica, 51, Sept 2003).

5. NSAIDS account for more reports of ulcer bleeding and drug related toxicity than any other class of drug. Omega 3s are a better option than NSAIDS because they have no side effects and help prevent autoimmune conditions. (Acta Biotheoretica, 51, Sept 2003).

6. Arterial plaquing is a result of an imbalance of oil based fats like canola, cottonseed etc.. These fats, along with the addition of refined carbohydrates, cause inflammation and an increase in the stickiness of blood. (Toxic Fat, Sears Barry, PhD, 2008)

7. The proper ratio of oil based Omega 6 fats -like cottonseed, soy and canola- to fish oil or Omega 3 fats should be 2:1. The typical American sits at 25:1 (Toxic Fat, Sears Barry, PhD, 2008).

8. Due to the concentration of contaminants, it is advised to consume no more than 1 meal per month of all samples of farm raised salmon. 98% of market salmon is farmed. (Science, January 9th, 2004).

Unfortunately the American diet and health care system have been overrun by the influence of both the food and pharmaceutical companies which are essentially responsible for this crisis. However, hopefully, by reading this article, you will be armed with some life changing knowledge.

Dr. Jason Penaluna, Chiropractor.

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